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A Skincare Consultation Is the Best Use of 30 Minutes This Month

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If your new year’s resolutions include improving the state of your skin health, the best way to start is with a skincare consultation, and now is the time to do it. You don’t even have to leave your house to get a professional analysis of your skin, personalized product recommendations, and a detailed roadmap to reaching your skin goals.


Why get a skincare consultation? 

Your skin completely regenerates approximately every thirty days. A lot is going on during that process, and there are plenty of opportunities to take a wrong turn. Think of your aesthetician as your expert travel guide, making sure your journey is smooth and you reach your desired destination. 

If you’ve ever been confused about where to start with a skincare regimen, which ingredients are right for your skin type, or even what your skin type is (not as basic as it sounds), an aesthetician has all those answers and more.


How does it work? 

A skincare consultation is a one-on-one session with a skincare professional who will analyze your skin’s needs and recommend a customized regimen to optimize your skin health.

In normal times, the consultation happens in an aesthetician’s studio, but with COVID keeping us at home, a virtual consultation works just as well.

For a virtual consultation, you’ll usually upload some photos of your skin along with details about your current regimen ahead of time. Then you’ll meet your aesthetician online for a 30-minute in-depth discussion about your skin history, health, lifestyle, current skincare routine, and any other factors (hormones, birth control, stress) that may be contributing to your skin issues.

Your aesthetician will provide product recommendations along with tips for maximizing their effectiveness. You’ll learn how to reach your skincare goals faster and how to maintain your results. Thirty minutes can set you on the course for long-term skin health and ensure your brightest year ever.


How do I get a skincare consultation?

You can find a Vivant Skincare Professional through our website. Most are offering virtual consultations. Even if you are doing an online consultation, it’s a good idea to find someone in your area, so when things open up, you can visit them in person for professional treatments.

If you’re pressed for time and just want product recommendations, you can take the skin quiz on our website to get personalized regimen recommendations. We also offer a free live video chat to answer all your questions. 

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