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Why You Should Be Taking Before and After Photos

Why You Should Be Taking Before and After Photos



When it comes to skincare, results are everything. And there’s no better way to chronicle those results than with “before and after” photos. Even if you don’t plan to share them, “Before and After” photos will help you chronicle your journey and gauge your progress.


When you look at yourself in the mirror day to day, you may not notice the small changes in your skin because change occurs gradually. But when you have a “before” photograph to remind you where you started, it’s easy to see exactly how much your skin has progressed. Marking this difference is especially rewarding when using Vivant products, which are formulated to effect real change in the skin.


If you are the sharing type, “Before and After” photos are also an excellent tool for encouraging others on their skincare journey. We love featuring real people and real results. After all, who doesn’t love a great success story?


How to Take Your Best Before and After Photos

    1. Remove all makeup and pull your hair back and away from your face.

    2. Natural lighting works best. Avoid harsh shadows, and don’t put your back toward a window, which will create a silhouette effect.

    3. Find a plain background that’s free of distractions in the background.

    4. Get your entire face in the frame and make sure you’re in focus.

    5. Be consistent! Shoot your before and after using the same background, lighting, and facial position and expression.


    Feel Like Sharing?

    We’d love to see your results. Send us your high-res jpeg or png images at Or post to your social media using the hashtag #LiveVivant, and you may see yourself in our social channels.


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