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3 Simple Rules for Results

3 Simple Rules for Results


No matter who you are, no matter what type of skin you have, no matter what your skin care philosophy, there are three rules you simply cannot ignore. Follow them, and everything else will follow.

This is by no means a comprehensive list. These are the ground rules, the ones upon which the hundreds of others we’re not covering here are built. These are the fundamentals.


The Rule of Four

The simple truth is, you don’t need a lot of products, you just need the right ones used in combination to create transformative synergy. Everyone needs four basics. Use more if you like, but don’t use less. The four must-haves are a cleanser, a toner, a corrective serum, and sunscreen.

The reason for the cleanser is obvious. Make sure it’s one that suits your skin type. Nothing harsh or overly abrasive. Use it twice a day to keep skin free of oil, dirt, and cellular debris.

The toner removes any cleanser residue, sweeps away dead skin cells, and clears the way for your corrective serum to be optimally absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin

If the toner is your enhancer, the corrective serum is your enforcer; repairing and protecting against damage, neutralizing free radicals, regenerating.

Sunscreen is your shield against age-accelerating UV. 


The 30-Day Rule

Use your products in a daily regimen for a full thirty days before judging your results. Why thirty days? That’s the complete life-cycle of a cell. That’s how long it takes for fresh new skin cells to be revealed. That is the time frame needed for pimples forming under the surface to come up and for the impactions to be peeled away.

If you think nothing is happening and give up before the thirty days, you disrupt your progress. If you misread the signs of acclimation, believe you’re having a reaction, and give up, you disrupt your progress.

Vivant products are formulated with ingredients that accelerate cell renewal and create the exfoliation that’s crucial for generating healthy new cells, clearing impactions, lifting excess pigment, and diminishing fine lines. The flaking and other small changes are the sign that it’s working. Within four to six weeks, the signs of acclimation will disappear, but the benefits will continue to grow. You can find more information about acclimation in the “What To Expect” booklet that came in the box with your order. If you don’t have the booklet, you can download a copy here.


The Rule of Regimen

It’s not called a regimen for nothing. A regimen is, by definition, a systematic plan with a regular course of action. It requires commitment. It requires consistency. This is especially true when you’re targeting issues like acne or excess pigment that take time to bring up and out. If you miss a few days of your acne regimen, you allow inflammation and bacteria to grow. If you forget your sunscreen you leave your skin vulnerable to UV. Don’t skip steps. Don’t deviate. Stick to your regimen.

Synergy + Time + Consistency = Results

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