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Meet Our Smarter, Simpler, More Sustainable Packaging

New Vivant bottles in Pop Art style grid


When you hit thirty, you take stock. As we celebrated the end of our third decade as a brand in 2020, we decided some changes were in order. Among them, an update to our product packaging. We’re excited to reveal our new streamlined design that optimizes both form and function.


We’re a brand built on transformative results. Appropriately, our packaging has transformed into something more beautiful, better for the environment, better for product performance, and simpler to understand.   



What’s changed?

Each product now features a visual code that makes it easy to understand when to use it. Colored dots on the package correspond to your essential regimen steps. If you’re ever unsure of where a product fits in your regimen, check the dots on the bottle. One for toner. Two for cleanser. Three for corrector. Four for hydrator.


Serum bottles are now darker and more opaque to protect the life of the product inside. We formulate with minimal preservatives to maintain the potency and purity of the ingredients. That makes serum formulas more vulnerable to degradation from light, air, and heat. Our new packages are designed to maximally protect your products.  


We’ve reduced our use of plastic by eliminating the need for tamper-proof seals on the bottles, which now come inside sealed, recyclable boxes. All packaging is product containers are also recyclable and made from recycled materials. We have been using biodegradable, sustainable cellulose microbeads in our scrubs since 2017. 


We changed the name of our Spin Trap Antioxidant Serum to Pure C + E Antioxidant Serum to reflect the products’ two superstar ingredients. Dr. Fulton named Spin Trap for the scientific process of detecting, trapping, and neutralizing spinning free radical molecules. It’s an accurate name but unnecessarily confusing to anyone without a chemistry degree.


Bleaching Cream and Bleaching Serum Forté are now True Tone and True Tone Forté. Decades ago, when the products were originally named, “bleaching” was the term commonly used in the industry to refer to the reduction of hyperpigmentation. It was never an accurate term as the products don’t bleach skin. But worse than that was the implication, no matter how unintended, that a lighter tone is desirable. We felt it was time the names more accurately reflected the product benefits and our dedication to providing the very best skincare for all skin types and tones.


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