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Ask the Esthy: You Asked, We Answer

Vivant Skin Care's in-house esthetician Maryanne smiling and holding a clipboard.

We get questions—lots of them. Our weekly Q&A session in our Instagram stories gives us a window into your most pressing questions. Many of you are seeking answers to the same issues, so for the benefit of the whole skincare curious community, we’ve collected some recent and recurring questions here. 


Will over-flaking cause breakouts?

Vivant products encourage cell turnover, which is the flaking that you see. This flaking is an essential step in the process of clearing acne. Vitamin A peels the surface of the skin and the lining down inside the follicle to reverse hyperkeratosis and clear the pore. Mandelic acid has a similar effect, though it is gentler than the effect of vitamin A. As everything is pulled to the surface, you may see a brief, mild flare-up. Watch our video for a more thorough explanation of why skin may get worse before it gets better.


I've been using the 8% mandelic acid. When should I bump up to 15%?

It depends on your skin goals. Bump up to 15% Mandelic Acid 3-In-1 Serum if you are looking to push your treatment further. Your skin is ready for the next level if you are not peeling or even getting a micro peel anymore with the 8%. You can stay with the 8% Mandelic Acid 3-In-1 Serum to maintain your current results. Sometimes just changing to a stronger toner can give you the little bump you need. Remember, when you move up to 15% serum, your skin will go through another acclimation phase.


What would you recommend for someone with both acne and rosacea?

Cleanse with Mandelic Acid 3-In-1 Wash — gentle and antibacterial for controlling and preventing breakouts. Use Skin Nourishing Toner to remove dead skin cells and refine pores while hydrating and nourishing the skin barrier. Enhance resiliency and calm redness with Rejux Rx Peptide Concentrate in the morning. At night, use Derm-A-Renew Gentle Peptide and Vitamin A Serum to help peel out impactions and further control redness. To reduce inflammation and aid healing, use Totaloe Calming and Hydrating Gel; it will also help reduce excess sebum.


I was already using a Vivant cleanser and toner and recently added Vivant serum to my regimen. Why am I flaking?

All Vivant products are formulated to encourage cellular turnover to improve the tone and texture of the skin. Ideally, you start with a complete regimen and acclimate to all the products at once. Anytime you add a new product or bump up to the next level, your skin will go through a new acclimation phase. However, it will usually not last as long since you are partially acclimated.


How long is the acclimation process? I have been using the products for 45 days and I am still flaking.

Acclimation time depends on the condition of the skin when you begin using the products. If you weren't using products to accelerate cell-turnover before starting a Vivant regimen, your skin will require a more extended exfoliation period. Microexfoliation may continue up to two months. Don't fear the flake — fear flaky products that provide no exfoliation, and therefore, no results. 

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