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Serum FAQ: Is it Time to Bump Up to the Next Level?

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When using Vivant corrective therapies, the question about when to move up to the next level can only be answered by another question: what are your skin goals? That’s because when to move up, or even if you move up, depends largely on how far and how quickly you want to push your results. Those are questions only you can answer, but we can help you recognize the tipping points.

First, it helps to understand that Vivant’s skin care formulas are multi-tiered, starting at percentages appropriate for skin new to the active ingredients. We recommend starting at level one unless your skin is already acclimated to the key ingredient. 

When you first start using a new corrective serum, whether one from our vitamin A line or one from the mandelic acid line, your skin will go through an acclimation period. You will experience mild to moderate flaking or micro-exfoliation and maybe some slight redness. You might think this is a reaction, but it’s merely the sign of accelerated cell turnover—dead cells being brought to the surface and sloughed off to reveal fresh, healthy vibrant skin.

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Once you stop seeing the signs of acclimation, it means your skin has become accustomed to the product. You are in maintenance mode. Your skin is still benefitting and, if you are comfortable with the results you are getting, you can stay at this level to maintain your results. But if you want to push your results farther, it’s time to move up.

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Move up when:

• You skin has not shown signs of flaking or micro-peeling for at least a week. 

• You want to push your results farther.

• You feel you want to increase the speed at which you achieve your skin care goals.

• You are trying to push your program to peel out acne impactions or reduce photodamage.

Remember that when you move up to the next level, your skin will go through another acclimation period in response to the stronger formula.


Is it okay to skip a level?

We don’t recommend it unless you have very oily skin or have been using prescription retinoids.


Can I get a boost without moving up?

If you like where you are, but feel like you could use a little boost, you can stay at your current serum level, but move up to a stronger toner. That can give you a boost without initiating the signs of acclimation that the stronger serum formula would bring.

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