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Best Skin Care Over 50

What skincare products should I use at age 50

Ingredients like retinoids, peptides, antioxidants, acids, and lipids have always been essential for boosting collagen, stimulating renewal, and improving hydration. But aging and estrogen depletion bring new challenges that the regimen of your youth may not be equipped to handle.

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Your ultimate ageless regimen steps:
• Your morning and evening cleanse
• Your morning serum
• Your night serum
• Your essential eye cream
• Sunscreen every morning
• Your anytime Volume Lip booster

The Ultimate Ageless Regimen

Your morning and evening cleanse.

Vivant’s creamy Cleansing Milk is an ultra-nourishing and hydrating formula to strengthen the skin barrier and help maintain resiliency. The formula includes antioxidant grape seed oil for repair and protection against environmental damage.

Cleansing Milk: Ultra-gentle and nourishing cream cleanser

Your morning serum.

Support collagen and elastin production, reduce redness, boost ceramide levels, and maintain soft, smooth, resilient skin with our peptide, lactic acid, and niacinamide concentrate.

Rejuv Rx: Gentle peptide concentrate for resiliency, moisture, and collagen support.

Your night serum.

FF3 Biointensive GF is our breakthrough new formula for radical repair and renewal in estrogen-depleted skin. This potent regenerating serum plumps thinning skin, restores youthful contours, softens and refines crepey texture, and infuses hydration to transform dull, lax skin.  

FF3 Biointensive GF works on collagen in three ways. It boosts collagen formation, particularly type III collagen, the form most prevalent in youthful skin. It organizes collagen fibers to strengthen the structural integrity of the extra-cellular matrix (ECM). And it protects existing collagen from degradation.

FF3 Biointensive GF: Radical repair and renewal for dry, thinning skin

Your essential eye cream.

We’ve packed a lot of power in our lightweight, non-greasy formula for brightening, firming, and lifting the delicate area around the eyes. Oligopeptides, patented vitamin A propionate, and caffeine make Wink a must morning and night.

Wink Eye Cream: Hight-performance peptide + vitamin A + caffeine formula

Sunscreen every morning.

UV is the number one age accelerator. Protect your skin from damage with our featherlight SPF hydrator. Every morning following Rejuv Rx.

Day Treatment Lotion: Daily moisture and protection from age-accelerating UV damage

Your anytime volume booster.

Give your lips renewed volume, definition, and color with our Maxi Lip plumping and hydrating balm. Oxygenating ingredients rev circulation, while peptides stimulate the skin’s natural production of collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin for instant effects, plus long-term enhancement. Maxi Lip will extend the life of fillers if you’re using them.

Maxi Lip: Peptide-infused hydrating balm for instant volume, fullness, and definition, plus long-term collagen-boosting benefits.

Recap of the highlights of FF3 Biointensive

 FF3 Biointensive GF is the next generation of ageless skincare. Developed to address the complex needs of estrogen-depleted skin, this radically regenerative formula combines innovative neocollagenic and senolytic ingredients in an advanced delivery system to prompt aging cells to behave like younger cells.

Powered by our proprietary GFP Complex, a novel joining of plant-based epidermal growth factors (EGF) and patented vitamin A propionate, FF3 Biointensive GF works in the deepest levels of the skin to initiate repair and rebuild the structural components that give skin its elasticity, firmness, and bounce.

The formula also contains a new breed of specialized peptides, including the unique marine glycoprotein pseudoalteromonas ferment (aka antarcticine), known for its intense moisture-binding properties and ability to reorganize and strengthen the collagen fibril network.

No matter where you are in your menopausal journey—peri, meno, or post—FF3 Biointensive GF is a comprehensive formula to take on all the changes your skin is facing. Think of it as a complete cellular reset and the anchor of your new ageless regimen.


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