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The New Solution for Estrogen-Depleted Skin

FF3 Biointensive GF bottle

Over the last few years, our research has focused on new, more powerful skincare solutions, including innovative neocollagenic and senolytic therapies, to target the complex issues affecting estrogen-depleted and photoaged skin. The result is a breakthrough in ageless skincare.

FF3 Technology, the next generation in Vivant's gold standard development, marries advanced ingredients with the most scientifically advanced formulation and delivery methods to reactivate youthful skin function and restore lost volume, pliability, hydration, radiance, and clarity without the use of hormones.


The First Product in the FF3 Range

Introducing FF3 Biointensive GF

Our most transformative age-defying formula yet is a multi-active serum to catalyze radical repair and renewal in estrogen-depleted skin.

The intensive formula acts on collagen in three ways. It boosts collagen formation, particularly type III collagen, the form most prevalent in youthful skin. It organizes collagen fibers to strengthen the structural integrity of the ECM. And it protects existing collagen from degradation.

GFP Complex, a novel joining of two apex cell-signaling agents—epidermal growth factors (EGF) and patented vitamin A propionate—anchors the formula. This active biomimetic compound works in the deepest levels of the skin to initiate repair and rebuild the extra-cellular matrix. 

Specialized peptides, including the unique marine glycoprotein antarcticine, known for its intense moisture-binding properties and ability to reorganize the collagen fibril network, are additional structure and hydration enhancers.

Gentle alpha-hydroxy acids (lactic and mandelic) aid in brightening and surface cell renewal.

In a 30-day clinical study with daily application of Biointensive GF, participants noted a significant increase in hydration with visible improvement in skin texture, including a reduction in fine lines, wrinkles, and laxity. A firmer structure, improved epidermal thickness (plumpness), and restoration of youthful contours and pliability were achieved.


Biointensive before and after

Clinical results after 30 days using Biointensive GF:

32% improvement in skin texture

25% improved skin firmness

41.9% improvement in moisture retention

37.5% visible reduction in fine lines

25% improvement in facial plumpness

*Results obtained from two independent studies.


Where does FF3 Biointensive GF fit in your ageless regimen?

This unique formula acts as both toner and serum for dry, thinning skin. Use FF3 Biointensive GF following your cleanser as the second step in your nighttime regimen. We recommend using our gentle peptide serum Rejuv Rx in the morning.

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