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How to Take Your Clear Skin Mission to the Next Level

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If you’ve already achieved clear skin nirvana, you can skip this post, but if you’re still searching for clearer, more flawless skin, we’ve got some tips for achieving a higher state of glow.


Examine Your Regimen

Products form different lines may not be compatible, so a mix and match regimen won’t be optimized and can slow your progress. Choose clinical, evidence-based products designed to work together. Vivant products work synergistically, each building on the effects of the last, and are clinically proven to create real results. Take our skin care consultation to find the four-step regimen that’s right for you.


Bump Up to the Next Level

If you’re already using a Vivant four-step regimen and your skin is acclimated, it may be time to bump up to the next level. Once you stop seeing the signs of acclimation like the flaking of micro-exfoliation, it means your skin has become accustomed to the product. This is what we call maintenance mode. While your skin is still benefitting, if you want to push your results farther, this is the time to move up to the next level of Vivant product.


Vivant’s vitamin A therapies range from the starter Derm-A-Gel to the advanced glow cocktail Exfol-A-Forté. If you’re using a mandelic-based regimen, you’ll go from 8% to the 15% Mandelic Acid 3-In-One Serum.


If you like where you are, but feel like you could use a little boost, you can stay at your current serum level, but move up to a stronger toner. That can give you a boost without initiating the signs of acclimation that the stronger serum formula would bring.


Remember that when you move up to the next level, your skin will go through another acclimation period in response to the stronger formula.


See a Professional

No matter what your at-home regimen is, you can’t match the deep cleaning and rejuvenation that your skin will receive during a professional treatment. A professional can also give advice and expert guidance. An appointment once a month is ideal if your schedule and budget allow. At the very least, try to get in three to four times a year.


Mask Up

Masks are far more than a fun indulgence or a simple detox. A weekly mask can give your regimen a serious boost. These glow-enhancers lift dead skin cells, pull oil and impurities to the surface to help clear impactions, infuse the skin with beneficial nutrients and antioxidants, rev up circulation, and help strengthen the skin barrier. For acne-prone skin, we recommend Vivant’s Sulfur Clay Mask, with bentonite clay to decongest and detoxify pores, natural sulfur to fight bacteria and accelerate cell turnover, and salicylic acid to flush out pores.


Supercharge Sulfur Clay Mask by applying a layer of BP 10% Gel Medication underneath. Let it dry, then apply the mask on top.   


Ice Your Skin

Rubbing ice over your skin constricts blood vessels, which reduces redness and inflammation. This helps to speed healing and cell renewal. It also increases the absorption of your corrective serums to maximize their effectiveness. Just massage cleansed skin with ice for two to three minutes up to three times a day.



Stress causes your body to produce more hormones like cortisol that can trigger oil production. When sebum goes into overdrive, it’s far more likely to trap skin cells and debris that clog pores and produce bacteria. Anything you can do to avoid or reduce stress will help keep your skin looking clearer. 

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