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How To Avoid The Holiday Travel Breakout

How To Avoid The Holiday Travel Breakout


Travel can be tough on skin. Travel during the holidays? Bump that trouble factor up a few notches due to holiday stress. If you’re getting ready to hit the road for some holiday sharing and caring, keep these tips handy.


Plan To Avoid Stress

Stress kicks our adrenal hormones into action, which leads to excess oil production and inflammation; the prime breakout factors. It’s not easy to avoid stress when you travel, but if you are aware in advance you can take some steps to make your trip go as smoothly as possible. Organize your plans well. Pack light. And have a plan for what to do if your flight is delayed, preferably something other than heading to the airport bar. Who says you can’t do downward dog in the airport lounge?


Strategize For Sleep

Sleep is your body’s natural repair and renewal cycle. Changing time zones, staying up late for one more game of Jenga, or just trying to sleep in an unfamiliar environment can seriously disrupt your sleep schedule, which can weaken skin barrier, not to mention the puffy eyes. Bring a neck pillow for the flight, and earplugs and a travel mask to help you sleep in unfamiliar surroundings. Slip away for a nap if you get the chance. Try a cup of calming and rejuvenating golden turmeric milk before bed to support your skin health and enhance sleep.


Stay Hydrated

If you’re flying, changes in air pressure can cause dehydration. Even if you’re not flying, it’s easy to get off your normal routine. Keep hydrated to keep skin healthy. Carry a bottle of water in the car. If you’re flying, buy a bottle after going through security and carry it on board. Avoid the tap water on the flight. There’s no way of knowing when they last cleaned that tank. Even the flight attendants don’t want to drink it. And don’t forget, the affects of alcohol (including dehydration and puffiness) are magnified by the reduced oxygen at high altitude, so keep the cocktails to a minimum.


Don’t Forget Your Toner

Be sure to pack your toner to get all the travel and city grime off your skin. Even a change in the water you’re showering in can cause skin flare-ups. If the water has a high mineral content, it can leave traces of minerals on your skin. A toner will help remove those and keep pores clear.


Bring Your Cleanser

Those little hotel products are cute, but often they’re not of the highest quality and they aren’t what your skin is accustomed to. Pack your cleanser and stick to your normal routine to keep your skin happy and behaving.


Have Fun

This brings us full circle. Don’t stress. Enjoy the holidays. Head into your travel journey knowing there may be some bumps in the road, but you will never be on this exact road at this exact time again, so just embrace it all.



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