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The Optimized Regimen: Why Synergy Matters

The Optimized Regimen: Why Synergy Matters

Skin care aficionados often make the mistake of choosing products from multiple lines and combining them into one regimen. Then they are unhappy when the results aren’t as stellar as expected. The best regimen is a system of products designed to work together to achieve the best results.

To see comprehensive improvement in your skin—from clarity to tone to texture—you want products that address all these issues in a synergistic fashion.

What exactly does synergy mean? Webster’s will tell you it means the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. What it means in skin care is the overall result you get from using a system or products designed to work together is greater than the result achieved with any one product alone.

Mixing and matching products from various lines means none of them will work their best. Similarly, opting for one high-end product and skimping on the others, undermines your star pick. Using products designed to work in complement makes sure you maximize the benefits of all your regimen components. It’s about the right ingredients in the right formulations used in the right sequence.


A synergized regimen is an optimized regimen 

Each of Vivant’s products is designed to enhance the efficacy of the next. Our cleansers support a healthy barrier and clear away the exfoliated dead skin cells to allow the toner to do its work. Our toners remove all traces of cellular debris, dirt, and product residue to enhance the absorption of Vivant serums. SPF hydrators seal and protect your skin’s moisture barrier and guard against age-accelerating UV damage.

Try this experiment to see what we mean. Drop all other products and use only Vivant for thirty days. Why thirty days? Because that’s the natural cell life cycle; therefore, the optimum amount of time to see your best results. It allows time for your skin to acclimate to the products and for anything that may have been brewing under the skin prior to starting your new regimen to come to the surface and be cleared away.

Using Vivant products for all four basic regimen steps will bring greater results than the use of any individual product alone. It also ensures that non-complementary formulations from another line don’t get in the way of product absorption or efficacy. 

To find out which Vivant products will work best for your skin, take our skin care consultation quiz.

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