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Regimen Boosters: A Weekly Mask 

You’ve got your skin care regimen dialed. You’re getting good sleep. Eating well. What else can you do to get even more radiance-enhancing results? Two words: weekly mask.


What can a mask do for your skin?

Minimize Pores

Masks have an exfoliating effect, lifting dead skin cells and pulling oil and impurities to the surface—all the gunk that makes pores stretch and appear larger. Getting all that debris out of your pores allows them to snap back into shape and so they are less visible.



One of the main benefits of a mask is to pull impurities to the surface and bentonite clay does that better than any other ingredient. Bentonite masks are super-charged detoxifiers, literally. Mineral-rich bentonite is formed by the aging and weathering of volcanic ash and is electromagnetically charged. When activated by water, the electromagnetic property draws impurities from the skin like a toxin magnet.


Clear Impactions

Acne is caused when oil and dead skin cells mix in the follicle and create a plug which traps bacteria in the pore. A mask, especially a clay mask, pulls the dead cells and excess oil to the surface to unplug pores and promote clear, unblemished skin.


Nutrient Delivery

At the same time that the mask is pulling debris that would otherwise block delivery of skin-enhancing agents, it’s depositing antioxidants, nutrients, and minerals. And because a mask is applied and left to dry for up to thirty minutes, your skin gets extra time to absorb those beneficial ingredients.


Increase Circulation

As the mask dries on your skin and tightens, it stimulates circulation, bringing more oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to the skin. This improves skin tone, brings a radiant, healthy glow, reduces puffiness, and aids in reducing inflammation. 



A hydrating mask gives dry skin an infusion of replenishing moisture. Just the thing to revive a tired, dull complexion.


Improve Product Performance

Regular masking will keep skin primed to ensure your toners, serums, and hydrators all perform their best.



For Clearing and Clarifying

Sulfur Clay Mask

Sulfur Clay Mask

Detoxifying bentonite clay, plus natural sulfur to fight bacteria and accelerate cell turnover; acne-fighting zinc sulfate; and pore-flushing salicylic acid provide the definitive detox for acne-prone skin.



For Replenishing and Reviving

Algae Soft Mask

Algae Soft Mask

A restorative, renewing, deeply therapeutic mask enriched with natural, bioactive marine minerals and antioxidant ingredients to nourish and revitalize skin above and below the surface.



Tips for getting the most from your mask experience:

Apply a damp, warm washcloth to the face for a few minutes before application and apply the mask to damp skin. The heat and moisture will enhance absorption of the mask’s ingredients.


Put your feet up. You’ll see a lot of advice about how to avoid downtime by multi-tasking while masking. Don’t. There are real benefits to relaxation. It reduces the stress hormone cortisol that causes inflammation, which can make skin appear red and irritated, or exacerbate breakouts. Relax for fifteen minutes. You’ve earned it.


Apply corrective serums immediately after removing your mask. With your skin ultra-clarified, product absorption is optimized.


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