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Should You Try Multimasking?

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We’ve been fascinated by the multimasking trend that’s been appearing on Instagram over the last year or so. And frankly, a little annoyed we didn’t think of it first. Using different masks to target different areas of your skin at the same time? Brilliant. Just like your skin can benefit from more than one serum, more than one mask may be just the boost your complexion needs.


What exactly is multimasking? Exactly what it sounds like. Using more than one mask on your face at the same time.


Why do it? To target specific issues and customize your experience. Most of us have some combination skin of some type. Those problem areas that require special attention: oily t-zone, dry patches, breakout zones. Masks are excellent boosters designed to help with those problem areas. By matching the mask to the area, we can micro-manage for macro-benefit.


Do you have adult acne, but also dry skin that needs nourishing and firming in the cheeks and jawline? Multimask.


Do you have combination skin with an oily t-zone, but are normal to dry everywhere else? Multimask.


Are the pores in your nose screaming “look at me,” while the rest of your face just wants to be quietly pampered and gently nourished? Multimask.


Vivant offers two masks that make the perfect multimasking duo and solve the problem of deciding which is best for your skin. The answer for most of us is both.


Our Sulfur Clay Mask is perfect for clearing and clarifying. Detoxifying bentonite clay, plus natural sulfur to fight bacteria and accelerate cell turnover; acne-fighting zinc sulfate; and pore-flushing salicylic acid provide the definitive detox for acne-prone areas.


Algae Soft Mask is a restorative, renewing, deeply therapeutic mask enriched with natural, bioactive marine minerals and antioxidant ingredients to nourish and revitalize skin above and below the surface. It’s perfect for areas that call for replenishing and reviving.


If your skin has multiple personalities, customize your boosting routine with a multimasking session and let us know how you like the results!



However you choose to use Vivant masks, follow these tips for best results.

Apply a damp, warm washcloth to the face for a few minutes before application and apply the mask to damp skin. The heat and moisture will enhance absorption of the mask’s ingredients.


Multimasking, not multitasking. Take time to relax while you mask. A little downtime reduces the stress hormone cortisol that causes inflammation, which can make skin appear red and irritated, or exacerbate breakouts.


Apply corrective serums immediately after removing your mask. With your skin ultra-clarified, product absorption is optimized.


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