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Which Clay Mask Is Right For You?

Woman relaxing in a tub with a face mask on.


Bentonite clay masks have been used as a traditional method of removing impurities since ancient times. From Asia to Egypt, facial masks are perhaps the world’s oldest beauty routine.  And for good reason. It seems traditional cultures knew the benefits of using clay masks to treat various skin conditions and give skin a healthy glow.


So which mask is right for you?

Looking for a mask to shrink your pores?  Unfortunately pores cannot shrink and expand.  The accumulation of dirt, oil, dry and dead skin cells can make pores appear larger than they are.  Other factors like photo aging from the sun can make pores appear larger.  Clay masks absorb excess oil and many in the skin care industry theorize that bentonite draws out impurities making pores appear smaller.



Tips for oily skin

Use a mask one to three times a week; especially in hot humid climates. Keeping a mask in the refrigerator will give a cool luxurious treatment while removing environmental impurities and excessive oil on the skin.  Ingredients to look for are a bentonite clay based mask with Sulfur.  Sulfur helps clear dead skin cells that block the pores, reduce oiliness, and gently dry the skin.


Vivant’s Sulfur Clay Mask is a thick mask with 10% sulfur and is a wonderful booster to any acne treatment.  Mask acts as an astringent for excessively oily skin while providing a deep pore cleaning.  Leaves skin feeling cleansed and clear of environmental impurities.



What about dry skin?

While clay masks can be helpful to remove excess oil, particularly in acne prone skin, dry skin or photo aged skin can benefit greatly from a good mask too! Contrary to popular belief not all masks are drying.  By removing dull surface cells, a mask can help restore the natural moisture barrier and impart the feeling of softer skin.  Masks with ingredients like whole leaf aloe vera, algae and sea minerals prime the skin for hydration (algae can stabilize minerals that aid in skin moisturization and calm inflammation). 


Vivant’s Algae Soft Mask hydrates, calms and soothes skin while pulling impurities from it.  Rich in the benefits of seaweed, this skin softening mask provides a feeling of firming and toning while gently absorbing excess oils without drying.


Tips? You can get even more benefit out of an algae mask by applying a humectant or moisturizer before applying and using the mask as normal. When using a clay mask on dry skin, never let the mask dry all the way.  Wash it off with warm water while it is still tacky to the touch.


Interested in finding the right moisturizer to combine with your skin care routine? Check Vivant Skin Care line of hydrators to keep your skin looking fresh and nourished.      

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