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The Perfect Primer, Whether You Wear Makeup or Not

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What if the perfect primer also had a laundry list of glow-enhancing skin benefits? And what if it was something that might already be sitting on your bathroom counter? (Or just a click away.) We’re going to let you in on the secret life of our Totaloe Calming and Hydrating Gel. It’s the perfect primer, whether you wear makeup or not.


What does one want from a primer? Mattifying of oily areas, reducing the appearance of pores, refining texture, minimizing fine lines and imperfections. A formula that will create a smooth canvas for makeup application, or give your makeup-free complexion a polished appearance.


Vivant’s Totaloe Calming & Hydrating Gel is the total package. This aloe-based hydrator doubles as the perfect primer for a flawless finish that’s more than surface level. It goes on weightlessly, drenching skin with replenishing moisture. It’s oil-free, so your skin will feel fresh and dewy, but never greasy.


Natural whole leaf aloe gives the formula a firming effect, making pores less visible and blurring fine lines. Makeup gets a seamless glide path for flawless application. Natural, bare skin looks radiant and refined.


More than priming and polishing, Totaloe protects and prevents. 


Aloe is loaded with protective antioxidant compounds, healing minerals, and nourishing fatty acids and proteins to improve the dermal structure and bolster the skin barrier.


Niacinamide boosts ceramide production, improves elasticity, and contributes to the refinement of pores.


Sea algae extract nourishes, promotes collagen production, and scavenges free radicals.


Green tea extract protects from environmental damage, calms redness, and promotes healthy cell function. 


Totaloe Calming & Hydrating Gel is a multi-tasking skincare hero. It’s the perfect primer, and essential optimizer, offering both immediate gratification and long-term benefit.


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  • Posted On March 29, 2021 by Mona

    Thank you for the excellent information on Vivant’s Tatoaloe Calming and Hydrating Gel. So interesting and great to know how these products work, which helps when purchasing. Thank you!

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