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Why Algae Is An A-List Ingredient

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It’s not the most evocative or glamorous of skin care ingredients, but algae is definitely worthy of all the buzz it’s been receiving in recent years.  

Algae are serial survivors able to thrive in an extreme environment because of the unique mechanisms they’ve developed to protect against UV radiation, pollution and physical damage. The same self-protective properties that have made algae so prolific are what make it so beneficial in skin care.

In fact, its therapeutic potential is so great scientists have even begun experimenting with using algae to create artificial human skin.

Rich in nourishing mineral elements, omega 3 fatty acids, essential amino acids, vitamins A, B, C, and E, plus micronutrients including iodine, iron and zinc—all of which are highly beneficial in combating skin damage and aging—algae is intensely nourishing, hydrating and reparative.  

Alga’s high phenolic content gives it powerful antioxidant properties to fight off free radicals.

It’s rich in polysaccharides, which are thickening and stabilizing agents that play an important role in cell regeneration.

It repairs and strengthens skin’s protective barrier by regulating and maintaining moisture. 

It reduces sebum production, making it a good ingredient for acne-prone skin.

Additionally, compounds derived from algae have shown cytotoxicity against melanoma.

So much goodness packed into one natural element. It’s no wonder people have been using algae for centuries for healthy skin and hair. Get some algae into your routine stat with Vivant’s ultra-hydrating and regenerating Marine Skin Nourishing Cream. Totaloe Calming and Hydrating Gel is a lightly firming, oil-free gel that boosts elasticity and resilience while reducing redness, and promoting even tone. And for the ultimate restorative detox, try our Algae Soft Mask

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