The Regimen

The Power of the Pump

Why We Keep Using the Bottle You Hate (and Why You Will Come to Love It)


When it comes to formulation and efficacy, we will always choose function over form.

It’s all about getting every last drop from your product while keeping sensitive ingredients safe from the elements.


Some of the most potent ingredients—Vitamin A, peptides, vitamin C, among others—can suffer from oxidation when exposed to light and air. That reduces their efficacy. We could add preservatives to get around this, but who wants to muck up a good formula with extraneous ingredients? Who wants to put preservatives on their face, for that matter? Show of hands?


We looked far and wide to source a technologically advanced package that would protect your product from light and air thus extending its life while eliminating the need for preservatives. And we found just the thing. Does it look a bit like a capsule? Maybe. A capsule of potency and transformative potential. Something you might pack if you were getting ready to board a SpaceX flight for a cosmic weekend adventure. (See it below housing Wink, Totaloe Calming and Hydrating Gel, and Marine Skin Nourishing Cream.)


The beauty of this retro-future package doesn’t end with its ability to protect ingredients. It’s also hiding a delightful secret: a pump mechanism that ensures you get every drop of formula. Instead of the typical tube that is inevitably just slightly too short and misses that last quarter inch or so of product (how many times have you turned a bottle over to get the last bits), our bottle uses a vacuum system that pulls a plate upward bringing product with it. By the time the plate reaches the top, it has squeezed out every last drop or product. Genius.


Perfect formulas. Perfectly packaged.


Like most things, when you take a minute to understand them, you see them in a whole new light, and their true beauty shines through.


There are a couple of things to note with this advanced bottle technology:


  1. The vacuum effect can, at times, create a sort of feedback loop that causes the pump to stop dispensing product. In this case, your pump just needs a bump. Pound the bottom of the bottle into the palm of your hand three to four times to give it a burp and, voila, the pump resumes working, and you’re good to go.


  1. Don’t open the bottle. Two reasons: It allows air and light in, which kind of defeats the whole purpose. It disrupts the vacuum effect, and you will have to do a fair bit of pumping to get the air out and the pump working again.


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