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Why Every Skin Needs a Vitamin C Serum

Why Every Skin Needs a Vitamin C Serum  

You know that vitamin C is essential for good health. It keeps immunity up, protects against cardiovascular disease, and may even help reduce issues related to asthma. But it also does amazing things for your skin. What we ingest, doesn’t remain in the body very long, so using it topically is the best way to extend its many dermal benefits.


What does Vitamin C do for your skin?

Antioxidant Advantage

Antioxidants are vital in supporting healthy cell function and preventing premature aging. They inhibit reactive oxygen species (ROS) and neutralize free radicals that would otherwise damage cells and degrade collagen. Vitamin C is one of the most potent antioxidants. Being water soluble, it hangs out in the aqueous compartments of cells where it protects the skin from reactive oxygen species (ROS), especially those created by exposure to UV.


Photoprotective Agent

Vitamin C is known for its ability to prevent and repair UV damage, both from UVB (the shorter rays responsible for sunburns and skin cancer) and UVA (the rays that penetrate deep into the dermis causing damage to collagen, elastin, and DNA, and may stimulate the development of melanoma). Many studies have shown that while vitamin C on its own is a powerful photo-protectant, its effects are magnified four-fold when paired with vitamin E. Together they protect both the hydrophilic (water) and lipophilic (fat) compartments of the cell to suppress damage and initiate repair.


Collagen Booster

Vitamin C is essential for collagen synthesis. Additionally, it’s a co-factor for the enzymes that stabilize and link collagen molecules. It affects both quantity and quality of collagen production. Studies have shown that the topical use of vitamin C increases collagen production in both young and aged skin. Because vitamin C in the skin declines with age, it becomes even more crucial to add it topically to keep collagen production up.



For hyperpigmentation, light acne scarring, age spots or other forms of discoloration, vitamin C can help. It works by inhibiting the pigment-stimulating enzyme tyrosinase to interrupt the formation of melanin and promote even tone.


Redness Reducer

Vitamin C is an anti-inflammatory agent and blood vessel strengthener. Good news for anyone who suffers from rosacea or broken capillaries.



For all the reasons above, we recommend including Spin Trap Antioxidant Serum Vitamin C & E Therapy in your daily regimen. The brightening and firming formula also includes lactic acid for gentle exfoliation, and niacinamide, which suppresses melanin synthesis, reduces inflammation and bolsters the skin barrier. Make this lightweight serum a staple of your skin care routine to help brighten and balance skin tone, reverse discoloration, reduce fine lines, and power up your collagen production.


Vitamin C has a short shelf life. We package our Spin Trap Antioxidant Serum in dark brown bottles to protect the sensitive ingredients from oxidating light and air. Once the bottle has been opened, we recommend using it within thirty days for maximum potency.


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