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9 Skincare Gifts to Wow Your Valentine (Or Yourself)

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Ah, February, when all that's left of the holidays are a few glittery remains in the carpet, the sun finishes its day long before you do, and everything just seems to be on repeat (hello, Mr. Groundhog).


Just when we are desperate for some cheer, along comes Valentine's day, the perfect pick-me-up for the winter-weary. So you're not going to just phone it in with another box of chocolates or a grocery store bouquet, right? Especially not this year. It's time to level up your Valentine's day gift-giving. Here are nine skincare gifts guaranteed to wow.


Maxi Lip

Get ready to fall in love with our Maxi Lip plumper. This volumizing balm will bring the buxom to your bouche with every use. Peptides, plus oxygenating and emollient ingredients, increase fullness, definition, and hydration and promote natural rosy color. Effects are semi-permanent and accumulate over time for long-term enhancement. Plump, perfectly defined lips, no needles required. (Using fillers? Maxi Lip will make their effects last longer!)  

Algae Soft Mask

What is Valentine's Day without some pampering? Our replenishing and revitalizing Algae Soft Mask is rich in therapeutic marine minerals, proteins, omega 3 fatty acids, and antioxidants for powerful repair and rejuvenation. Nourishes, hydrates, refines pores, encourages renewal, and leaves skin insanely soft and smooth. What's not to love?

Marine Skin Nourishment Cream

If the sea came in a bottle, it would be a velvety, nutrient-rich rejuvenator called Marine Skin Nourishment Cream. This intensely hydrating formula wraps skin up in a nourishing cocoon of healing replenishment, leaving skin healthy, plumped, elastic, and glowing.   

Cleansing Milk

The cashmere of cleansers is the perfect way to care for the face you love. Nourishing, hydrating, antioxidant grapeseed oil in an ultra-soothing cream base leaves skin clean, soft, and glowing while protecting against environmental stressors. Promotes a healthy, resilient skin barrier and smooth, elastic texture. Gentle enough for the most sensitive skin. 

Green Tea Antioxidant Cleanser

This versatile cleansing gel is like three gifts in one. It's a powerhouse of antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and sebum-regulating activity for a clear, smooth complexion. It makes an excellent body wash and shaving gel. It's also the perfect low alkaline, high-shine shampoo that helps control dandruff and promote hair growth. So much more for your amour.

Pure C + E

Nothing says we make a perfect couple like the synergy of vitamins C and E. Vitamin C is a powerful photo-protective agent that guards against damaging UV rays. It's also essential to the synthesis of collagen and a natural brightener. Vitamin E takes its role as a reparative agent seriously. Cell-regenerator, hydrator, anti-inflammatory, and nourisher. Together their powers to protect, repair, and encourage resilience and radiance are magnified. That's a marriage made in skincare heaven.


Look deep into the eyes of your valentine. Is it love that's making them so bright? Or is it Wink? With a power formula of peptides, caffeine, vitamin A, and grapeseed oil,

Wink is the lifting, firming, depuffing, smoothing, brightening love of your life. Light, non-greasy, and fast-absorbing properties make it ideal for morning and night.

Daily Repair Pads

If you haven't already gifted these to your significant other or yourself, do you even know what love is? DRP are one of our best-loved products for their ease of use, stellar results, and universal benefits. A cocktail of mandelic, lactic, and salicylic acids clear acne impactions, encourage cell renewal, refine texture, and brighten tone. Zinc peptides and niacinamide nourish and strengthen the skin barrier. Skin feels healthy, bright, and bouncy. They're powerful, but not so powerful that you can't use them daily. Face, neck, décolletage, back, even bikini line and underarms will benefit. (BTW, say goodbye to ingrown hair.) These are a must-have healing, hydrating, glow-boosting mini-peel in a pad. Just click. 

Rejuv Rx

Unexpected. Useful. A little on the splurgy side. This silky smooth peptide concentrate relaxes wrinkles, boosts collagen and hyaluronic acid, calms redness, and extends the life of fillers. Packaged in an understated, travel-friendly, apothecary-chic bottle, it's the perfect practical luxury.

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