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Ingredient Tour: Marine Skin Nourishing Cream

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Maybe it’s because nothing in the world seems to make sense right now, and we’re all a little on edge, but we are feeling in need of some soothing. Like soak in a warm bath, slather on a nourishing moisturizer, put on some extra soft loungewear, and curl up with a good book kind of soothing. Our moisturizer of choice for this scenario? Marine Skin Nourishing Cream. It’s the ultra-soft fleece blanket of creams.


What’s in the formula?


Grape Seed Oil for protection and repair: Cell proliferator. Hydrator. Collagen booster. Brightener. Elasticity enhancer. Free radical fighter. This natural nourisher is loaded with beneficial fatty acids, flavonoids, and antioxidants that make it a superhero in any formula. Plus, grape seed oil is non-comedogenic, pore-refining, and enhances dermal penetration, making it an excellent carrier for delivering additional transformative ingredients into the skin.

Sea Algae Extract for replenishment and healing: Rich in nourishing mineral elements, omega 3 fatty acids, sea proteins, and antioxidants, algae is intensely nourishing, hydrating, and reparative. The unique mechanisms developed by the organism to protect itself against UV radiation, pollution, and physical damage in its extreme ocean environment, impart the same therapeutic properties to the skin.

Oat Protein for soothing and strengthening: Used for centuries to treat and soothe conditions associated with dry, sensitive skin, oats are superstar soothers, and more. Beta-glucan promotes cell renewal and enhanced collagen synthesis. Antioxidant phenolic compounds guard against irritation, reduce inflammation, and protect against oxidative stress. Beta-glucans pull water into the skin and promote faster wound healing. Oat protein also boosts the skin’s production of the barrier-strengthening compound filaggrin.

Whole Leaf Aloe for brightening and hydration: Aloe is loaded with protective antioxidants, nourishing minerals, cell-repairing enzymes, and also contains the melanin-inhibiting compound aloesin. It’s a brightener, collagen builder, free radical scavenger, inflammation reducer, and an enhancer of tightness and tone. Plus, a substance known as lignin in aloe aids permeability to help skin absorb all the goodness of the formula.


Many of aloe’s beneficial properties are contained in the outer green leaf, which is why Vivant formulas use the whole leaf and not just the gel.

Copper-Chlorophyllin Complex for improving tone and texture: This powerful bioactive agent is derived from chlorophyll, the element crucial to plant photosynthesis. The compound possesses a unique combination of anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant activities. It’s been shown to inhibit the breakdown of hyaluronic acid, stimulate cell regeneration, and reduce redness to promote healthier, more elastic, and resilient skin.


What does it all add up to?

Marine Skin Nourishing Cream is the optimum moisturizer for deep hydration and replenishment. It doesn’t just relieve dry skin; it works at the lower levels of the skin to rebuild a healthy barrier, thicken the epidermis, and restore suppleness and elasticity. Use it on face, neck, décolletage, backs of the hands, anywhere that you want to revive youthful skin.


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