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Rejuv Rx is Your Essential Ageless Booster


Could 2019 be the year you stop aging? It might be if you give your regimen a boost with Vivant’s ultimate beauty defender, Rejuv Rx Peptide Concentrate. What makes this award-winning serum so amazing? We’re glad you asked.


Rejuv Rx is formulated with a high concentration of peptides, the small chain amino acids that form the building blocks of protein and stimulate the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid in your skin. All the elements that create the appearance of youth.


Peptides occur naturally in the body. When you add peptides topically, they mimic the body’s natural stores and give the collagen and elastin production process a supercharge.


Peptides also have a calming, anti-inflammatory effect that makes them an excellent choice for treating rosacea, redness, or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation caused by acne breakouts.


Because of their small molecular size, peptides are absorbed quickly into the skin to reach the lower layers of the dermis where they can get to work to aid the body’s natural renewal processes. Lactic acid in this formula gives the peptides a penetrating boost by gently exfoliating to accelerate cell-turnover and clear away dead skin cells.


Lactic acid is also a powerful humectant that draws moisture into the deeper layers of the skin to promote a supple, soft texture. Niacinamide, which stimulates the production of ceramides (the lipids that make up the skin’s barrier and help retain moisture and resiliency), works with lactic acid to make the formula ultra-hydrating and nourishing.


Rejuv Rx is the ultimate booster for firmer structure, smoother texture, a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, brighter tone, and an overall more radiant and resilient appearance. It’s no coincidence it’s been a Dermascope Magazine Aestheticians’ Choice Award Winner multiple years running. You could say it’s a filler without the needle. If you’re using injectables, Rejuv Rx will extend the life of those as well.


Add Rejuv Rx Peptide Concentrate to your current ageless regimen to relax wrinkles, reduce redness, and reactivate skin’s youthful appearance. Use it in the morning for a firming effect throughout the day. It can be layered with other serums including everybody’s favorite brightening booster Spin Trap Antioxidant Serum. Put Rejuv Rx on first and allow it to dry before adding Spin Trap or other serum. And, of course, follow with sunscreen. Rejuv Rx is perfect for all skin types and tones.


Go ahead. Make 2019 your year of agelessness.


Rejuv Rx Peptide Concentrate 

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  • Posted On December 17, 2018 by Vivant Skin Care

    Re Susan Massaconi:
    Hello Susan,
    We do not sell our products in stores; however, you can purchase Rejuv Rx via the link on the blog above and since it’s over $75, you get FREE shipping. Add the code DONATE at checkout and we’ll send you a free Maxilip. When you use this code, a percentage of all proceeds will go to South Florida Cares and 4 Paws for Ability.

  • Posted On December 17, 2018 by Susan Massaconi

    How much does it cost? Can I find it in any store in Sarasota, FL 34237

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