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Our Curated, Can't-Miss Holiday Gift Guide for Everyone on Your List

Holiday gift guide

Don't know their size? Not sure about the color? Need something budget-friendly? Just want to wow? For something they'll definitely use and love, the answer is always skincare.

From splurgey serums to simple soothers and luxe boosters, we've curated a can't-miss list of holiday happiness with our favorite gifts for all your favorite people.



What do you give the woman who gave you everything? How about a handful of little luxuries that show big love?

FF3 Biointensive GF

Like Mom, this transformative serum does it all. The multi-active formula is powered by the most advanced delivery system and infused with cell-renewing and skin-plumping ingredients to reactivate youthful skin function and restore resilience to stressed or fatigued skin.


Luxury meets simplicity in this dual-active peptide + vitamin A super serum. Calms redness, boosts elasticity, builds collagen, and restores hydration. It's a perfect entrée into advanced skincare for the woman who always puts everyone else first.

FF3 Manuka Enzyme Lift

Give Mom some much-deserved me-time with this intensive brightening and revitalizing mask. Manuka, the Champagne of honey, plus pineapple enzymes, gently clears away dead skin and brings instant luminance and lift to dull, dry, or lax skin.

Cleansing Milk

This ultra-nourishing and soothing cream formula is the cashmere of cleansers and a must for Mom to keep her skin soft and protected from harsh winter stresses.


Your confidante, your advisor, your partner in crime, the one who will tell you not to wear those pants with that top—for your bestie, only the best will do. 

Wink Eye Cream

Give your first-call party partner the most coveted eye elixir to hide all evidence of late-night reverie. Peptides, vitamin A, and caffeine depuff, brighten, lift, and smooth with featherlight, non-greasy precision. 

Maxi Lip

An utterly giftable peptide-infused, volume-boosting balm for pocket or purse. Delivering instant plump and long-term collagen-boosting benefits, it's the gift that keeps on giving.  

8% Mandelic Acid Serum

Mandelic acid is a gentle, micro-exfoliating AHA with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-melanogenic properties to clear, brighten, and smooth without irritation. Exactly the qualities a bestie deserves. 

FF3 Manuka Honey Enzyme Lift

Give instant brightness and lift with this luxe skin-reviving mask. Manuka honey plus pineapple enzymes are the ultimate glow-intensity workout for tired, stressed skin. Gently resurfaces, cures the dulls, and infuses hydration, delivering velvety smooth and bouncy skin. 


There's no “i” in team, but there is one in skin care. Show your favorite individual contributors how much you appreciate them with multi-tasking gifts that work as hard as they do.

Buffing Grains

A little luxe. A little practical. Totally loved. Exfoliation on demand. This hydrating and polishing cleanser works for every skin type and can be used solo or teamed up with a wash to turn it into a scrub.

Algae Soft Mask

Clarifying, nourishing, and a little indulgent, this skin-loving mask is perfect for your hard-working teammates. Nutrient- and antioxidant-rich sea minerals and proteins renew the skin, while allantoin and whole-leaf aloe renew and lightly firm the skin.

Daily Repair Pads

Ideal for those who value efficiency and results. These ultra-refining and hydrating textured pads blend mandelic, salicylic, and lactic acids with zinc peptides and niacinamide for complexion-perfecting single-step exfoliation and radiance. Packable. Portable. Deskable.

Green Tea Cleanser

Like a calming, soothing, nourishing cup of comfort for the skin. This antioxidant and anti-inflammatory powerhouse formula enhances any regimen with benefits for everything from acne to rosacea to age defense. It's the ultimate team player. 


Whether he needs an upgrade or a complete introduction to skincare, our streamlined starter kit has all the essentials to keep his regimen streamlined, uncomplicated, and oh-so-effective. Covers all the basics in the most unbasic way.    

Starter Regimen

The kit includes:

Mandelic Acid 3-in-1 Wash: The foundation for clear, healthy, resilient skin.

Skin Nourishing Toner: A gentle, mandelic acid-based clarifier and refiner that doubles as an aftershave. (Goodbye blackheads, ingrown hairs, and razor burn).

8% Mandelic Acid 3-in-1 Serum: Our "magic-in-a-bottle" serum for smooth, clear, even-toned skin.

Day Treatment Lotion SPF 15: Ultralight, non-irritating, non-comedogenic daily moisturizer and sunscreen to combat premature aging.


You could go with a nice bottle of wine, a gourmet food gift, or a luxury candle, but you know what's more personal and will remind them daily that they are special to you? Skincare that brightens, tones, lifts, and brings luminance to their face every day. Here is our list of must-haves for the people you can't do without.

Pure C + E

An A-list antioxidant super-duo to brighten, repair, and boost resilience. Vitamins C and E are a synergistic powerhouse of cellular repair and protection  

Rejuv Rx

Pure peptides are the ultimate power play for firm, lifted, buoyant skin in this lightweight, luxury serum.

Marine Skin Nourishment Cream

The optimum moisturizer—an intensely hydrating, deeply nourishing blend of antioxidants and bioactive marine minerals and sea proteins to replenish and restore suppleness and elasticity. 

Algae Soft Mask

Enriched with nourishing marine minerals and amino acids, this clarifying and renewing mask is the ultimate, tick-all- the-boxes, drop-the-mic, super-star, just-a-little-something gift.   

Wink Eye Cream

A high-performance, creamy yet non-greasy formula that blends peptides + vitamin A + caffeine to lift, firm, smooth, depuff, and banish dark circles for your inner circle. 

FF3 Triple Repair

This advanced brightening and retexturizing formula smooths lines and corrects blotchy pigment caused by years of exposure to the sun. It's a powerful blend of specialized peptides, our proprietary GFP complex (phyto growth factors and vitamin A propionate), and therapeutic manuka honey in an optimized delivery system. The ultimate damage repair serum for very important skin. 


Having trouble deciding? We've rounded up our top can't-miss picks. These versatile performers will please anyone on your list. 

FF3 Manuka Enzyme Lift

Featuring the Champagne of honey, our new FF3-powered mask is a celebration of glow. This nutrient-rich brightening and revitalizing formula blends the highest grade Manuka Honey 550+ MGO with gently exfoliating pineapple enzymes to kickstart cellular repair while delivering instant brightness and lift.

Buffing Grains

What makes it a hero? Versatility, simplicity, sustainability, indispensability. Biodegradable microbeads in a gentle hydrating and polishing formula that's excellent on its own or added to any cleanser to turn it into a surface-perfecting scrub. 

Algae Soft Mask

A spa treatment in a jar. This clarifying and hydrating mask is rich in therapeutic marine minerals, proteins, omega-3 fatty acids, and antioxidants for powerful repair and rejuvenation. Nourishes, hydrates, refines pores, encourages renewal, and leaves skin radiant and soft.

Daily Repair Pads

Acids are the cure for dull skin, and this healing and hydrating acid cocktail is the cure for dull gifts. Mandelic, lactic, and salicylic, plus niacinamide and zinc peptides, make these single-use pads a daily essential to keep skin at peak glow.

Marine Skin Nourishment

Our most luxe and loved moisturizing formula is an intensely hydrating and deeply nourishing blend of marine minerals and proteins with grape seed oil, oat protein, sea algae extract, and whole-leaf aloe for the ultimate replenishment and velvety texture.

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