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Supercharge Your Under Eye Regimen With This Genius Hack

How to get rid of undereye bags, darkness, aging

Your eyes have seen a lot. But that doesn’t mean they have to show it. A little TLC and a good eye cream go a long way. Want to see the world through younger eyes? Herewith, our number one tip, plus a few obvious, but often overlooked, tactical guidelines for turning back time.


Our Number One Tip For Younger-Looking Eyes Stat

You may already be using Wink Eye Rejuvenation Cream and Rejuv Rx Peptide Concentrate as part of your ageless regimen. But as one is an eye cream and one is a facial serum, you’ve probably kept strict boundaries between them. Here’s the trick: pair them up in a supercharged lifting, firming, brightening duo for eyes.

Layer these two top beauty defenders to increase moisture, boost collagen production, and speed cell regeneration. Wink is a creamy formula that blends peptides, caffeine, vitamin A (retinyl propionate), kojic acid, and grape seed oil to reduce fine lines, plump sagging skin, and brighten dark circles. Rejuv Rx relaxes wrinkles, reduces redness, and reactivates skin’s youthful appearance with bioactive oligopeptides in a collagen-boosting concentrate. Together they are a powerhouse of defense and rejuvenation.

Apply Rejuv Rx first, gently dabbing it along the orbital socket above and below the eye and at the outside corner. Allow the serum to fully absorb and dry before applying Wink Eye Rejuvenation Cream over the top of the Rejuv Rx. You can do this both morning and night. Wink is a fast-absorbing, non-greasy cream that won’t get in the way of foundation or cause smudging of mascara. Check out this blog for more tips on properly applying product in the delicate eye area.

Little lines and wrinkles can begin to show up as early as your twenties, so don’t wait to incorporate these essentials into your daily regimen. It’s always easier to prevent than repair.

More Tips for Younger-Looking Eyes

Wear Sunglasses

The skin around the eyes is exceedingly delicate compared to that of the rest of your body. The area is thinner, has fewer oil glands, and less collagen, making it especially vulnerable to damage from environmental stressors and the effects of aging. Wear sunglasses when you’re outside to protect against damaging UV rays. Wearing sunglasses will also keep you from squinting, another cause of fine lines and crow’s feet.


Boost with Chilled Aloe Gel

Vivant’s Totaloe Calming and Hydrating Gel provides a temporary skin tightening effect. Aloe is also known to increase circulation and to brighten pigmentation. To make it even more potent (not to mention refreshing), keep Totaloe in the refrigerator. The cold will constrict blood vessels making them appear instantly smaller. The more nourishing version of the makeup artists’ Preparation H runway trick.


Cut down on sodium

Excess sodium causes water retention, slows circulation, and dilates blood vessels. Even if you never put salt on your food, that doesn’t mean your diet is low in sodium. It’s hiding in places you might not expect. Processed foods are loaded with it. And so are sodas, particularly diet sodas. Read the labels and moderate your choices to keep your eyes bright.


Decrease Alcohol, Increase Hydration

Alcohol has several factors contributing to puffiness and dark circles. It causes a histamine release that can create inflammation (puffiness). It increases blood flow and causes blood vessels to expand near the surface of the skin (dark circles). The excess fluid also creates puffiness, especially around the eyes. Additionally, alcohol dehydrates by acting as a diuretic and suppressing the hormone that helps you absorb water. Cutting down on alcohol and increasing your water intake will help reduce those issues and keep skin looking healthy and plump, but not puffed.


It's Called Beauty Sleep for a Reason

Lack of sleep causes blood vessels under your eyes dilate, creating the appearance of dark circles. Get consistently good rest to keep your eyes bright. It helps to sleep on your back. Side sleeping allows fluid to pool under your eyes, which can make eyes appear puffy. You can also try using an extra pillow to elevate your head to keep the fluid from collecting under the eyes.

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