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A skincare purchase is based on a simple, unwritten contract. You buy a product. You get results. It’s not too much to ask that the products you’ve shelled out for work. So why are there endless threads on the internet from people frustrated and angry that they’ve not seen the results they were promised?


Too many products based on trendy ingredients, lacking evidence of efficacy. Too many companies that either don’t understand what brings results or worse, they do understand but prefer to cut corners. Too many empty promises.


We’ve spent decades delivering results. Here’s how.



It hardly seems necessary to say it, but ingredients matter. One hundred percent.

Ingredients are the backbone of an effective formulation. They need to be backed by evidence and clinical studies, not by trends. They must have a true function in the formula. And they must be of the highest quality.


All of Vivant’s products are formulated with pharmaceutical-grade USP (United States Pharmacopeia) ingredients, backed by clinical research and testing, and manufactured in small batch production in our FDA-approved lab.


We use the highest-quality raw ingredients and concentrate them to maximize their active components.



It’s not enough to use the best ingredients. They have be properly formulated. That means the right ingredients in percentages that matter without fillers getting in the way. It means understanding how the components interact to optimize their synergies and eliminate conflicts. And it means ensuring ingredients are optimized to be bio-actively available.


Vivant’s co-founder and formulator, Dr. James Fulton, M.D., Ph.D., was a master formulator responsible for some of the most important skincare advances of the modern era—codeveloper of Retin-A®, developer of benzoyl peroxide, topical erythromycin, and vitamin A propionate, the most potent non-prescription retinoid available.


Dr. Fulton was guided by a simple philosophy: Skincare therapies must be backed by consistent clinical results.


60-Day Guarantee

Whether you’re looking to clear acne, reduce the signs of aging, or achieve a more even, consistent tone, you can purchase Vivant products with confidence.


You always have a full 60 days to return your products for a full refund. No questions asked.


It’s easy to make that commitment because we’re confident that you’ll see a dramatic improvement in your skin. Why would you want to return a product that is working?


“The best part of what we do is helping people who’ve been disappointed by other treatments, not just to achieve, but to exceed, their skin goals. The Vivant line has always been, and always will be, about results.” —Susan Fulton, Vivant Skin Care CEO

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