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Dr. Fulton


–Walt Whitman

Dr. Fulton’s journey began as a desire to end his own battle with acne and grew into an obsession that propelled him to the forefront of dermatological progress. The name of James E. Fulton Jr. M.D., Ph.D., would undoubtedly appear on every dermatologist’s list of leading innovators in skin care.

In 1969, Dr. Fulton, renowned scientist, dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon, co-developed Retin A® setting the gold standard for the treatment of acne and aging, and changing the skin care industry forever.

The Retinoid Revolution

In 1969, Dr. James Fulton was working with noted dermatologist and researcher Dr. Albert Kligman in an effort to find a solution to the age-old problem of acne. Their research led to the development of Retin A®, a synthetic form of vitamin A acid, which worked to promote exfoliation and skin cell renewal. It proved to be highly effective in bringing impurities to the surface, clearing them away and stimulating the production of new, healthier skin. A boon for the treatment of acne, Retin A®’s additional benefits for reversing the damages of photo aging soon became apparent as well. The drawback to Retin A® was excessive irritation. Its powerful exfoliating properties tended to leave skin red and peeling. For this reason, it was sold only by prescription.

Dr. Fulton pressed on with the goal of harnessing the multiple benefits of vitamin A acid in a form that was both effective and easily tolerated by skin. The result was his patented Vitamin A Propionate, which provides all the efficacy of Retin A® without the excess irritation or unpredictable side effects. Designed for the least amount of irritation with the greatest efficacy, Vitamin A Propionate has proven to be consistently more effective in the clearing and controlling acne and reversing the signs of photo aging than any other non-prescription retinoid available.

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