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If you’re a leg-shaver, you probably feel pretty confident in your technique at this point. After all, there’s not that much to it, right? A few swipes of the razor and you’re ready for beach wear. But do your legs tell a different story? The dermatologist has some simple tips for avoiding nicks, irritation, scars, and razor burn to reveal your softest, smoothest skin just in time for shorts season.


Never Dry Shave

Has this ever happened to you? You put on a skirt only to realize your legs resemble a pair of eighties yak-style, après-ski boots. You grab a razor and have at your dry skin because who’s got time to get back in the shower? That’s a recipe for razor burn and irritation. Always moisten skin before shaving. It’s best to shave in the shower or tub and allow the skin to absorb a bit of moisture before beginning. In an emergency, you can wrap your each leg in a warm damp towel for a few minutes to moisten skin before shaving.


Fewer Blades

Those disposable multi-blade razors aren’t just bad for the environment; they’re bad for your skin. They are designed for a close shave, but at the risk of irritating your skin and causing ingrown hairs. The first blade stretches the hair from the follicle. The subsequent blade (or blades), slice it off letting it snap back beneath the skin surface where it can become impacted causing little red bumps. Plus, the multiple blades mean extra friction, irritation, and stripping of natural oils from the skin. Invest in a good quality single-blade safety razor and replace the blade as soon as it gets dull. Be gentle to avoid nicks and friction that pressure can create, and take extra care at the ankle and knees. If you’re afraid of the single-blade, don’t go for more than two.


Don’t Use Soap

Soap is drying, and the sudsy nature of it can interfere with the action of the blade. For a closer shave with soothing benefits use Vivant’s Green Tea Antioxidant Cleanser. This universal formula is great for face, body, and even as a shampoo. As a shaving gel, it nourishes and replenishes skin while eliminating friction. For a creamy, moisturizing shave, try Cleansing Milk.


Do Moisturize

As soon as you get out of the shower, slather on some intensely moisturizing lotion. Damp skin helps it absorb more effectively. We love Marine Skin Nourishing Cream for its deeply hydrating, nutrient-rich formula of marine minerals, amino acids, and sea proteins. It leaves skin velvet-smooth without being greasy. And, of course, it’s excellent for your face as well!


Go With the Grain

This flies in the face of everything you know about shaving. You’ve always started at the ankle and gone upward, right? Don’t. The American Academy of Dermatology says go with the direction of hair growth (downward) to avoid razor bumps and irritation.


Keep It Clean

For the smoothest shave, rinse your razor after each stroke to dislodge dead skin and hair. And most importantly, don’t leave the razor in the shower between shaves. Store it in a clean, dry place to avoid the growth of bacteria.


Restore and Resurface

If you’ve got dark marks from past run-ins with your razor or bumps from irritation, a retinoid cream is your best defense. Vivant’s Clear Body Therapy blends cell-renewing vitamin A with skin-softening and hydrating lactic acid to fade pigmentation, unclog pores, and smooth rough, dry skin.



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