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The Secret To Younger Looking Skin

Is Sex The Secret To Younger Looking Skin?


It’s holiday season, so while everyone is thinking about giving and receiving, we thought this might be a good time to take a look at the wondrous ways that sex gives you healthier, younger looking skin. Aside from the obvious, here are five reasons why sex should be on your gift list.


  1. Increased Circulation

We don’t have to tell you that sex gets your heart rate up. That increased heart rate means increased blood circulation, which gets more oxygen and nutrients flowing to your skin and other organs. It’s the same kind of vibrant glow you get from a good workout at the gym. Only, it’s a lot more fun.


  1. Reduced Inflammation

During sex, endorphins soar and the stress hormone cortisol decreases. As cortisol goes down, inflammation goes down as well. That’s good news for skin because inflammation is a collagen degrader and age accelerator.


  1. Enhanced Collagen Production

Sex triggers the release of estrogen and human growth hormone, both of which are big contributors to collagen and elastin production. The benefits for skin resulting from higher levels of these hormones include thicker stratum corneum, firmer structure, fewer fine lines, and softer texture.


  1. Better Sleep

We get a rush of oxcytocin, aka “the love hormone,” during sex. This feel-good neurotransmitter, one of the so-called “happy chemicals,” is responsible for bonding, trust, and intimacy. It’s also an amazing sleep aid, which means skin gets more time to repair and regenerate. 


  1. Happiness is Beautiful

All those happy chemicals—serotonin, dopamine, oxcytocin—flooding your brain are better than any anti-depressant. Your elevated mood shows on your face, in your skin, in your smile. You feel better and look better. Research bears it out.

According to a ten-year study conducted by Scottish psychologist and researcher regular sex can make you look up to seven years younger.



The British Psychology Society also reports there is a significant body of research that links frequency of sex with greater happiness. It’s not just the sex. It’s the cuddling and closeness that follows, indicating that those in secure, happy relationships are likely to reap the most benefit.


One study even suggested that having sex once a week gives a happiness boost that is comparable to earning an extra $50,000 per year. How’s that for a radiance booster?


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