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Jumpstart Rejuvenation With Vivant’s ProPeel®

Vivant Skin Care ProPeel before and after


It’s no mystery why chemical peels continue to grow in popularity. Despite all the other procedures available, the right peel provides the best results in every area for every skin type and color. A peel takes no more time than a facial to perform and it brings dramatic results for your client and greater ROI (Return On Investment) for you.




Chemical peels remove the top layers of skin stimulating new skin growth and improving surface texture and appearance. The exfoliative effect of the peel spurs new epidermal growth and collagen production with more evenly distributed melanin. Peels are distinguished by the depth of action—superficial, medium or deep—and the types of active ingredients.


Vivant’s Progressive ProPeel® System is a medium-depth chemical peel to jumpstart rejuvenation. The four-step system combines lactic, salicylic and citric acids with trichloroacetic acid (TCA) and natural moisturizers to bring radiant new skin to the surface with minimal irritation and maximum results. You can control the intensity through the number of applications from each bottle which gives you the ability to personalize the peel based on your client’s Fitzpatrick and skin type.


For resistant skin or skin acclimated to the standard Progressive ProPeel®, there is a level up. The Extra Strength ProPeel® System has all the advantages of the ProPeel® in a more aggressive, deeper peel for a dramatically renewed appearance.


Both levels are resorcinol-free and safe for Fitzpatricks 3-6 that have been treated with a Vivant at-home preconditioning kit for twelve to fourteen weeks (lighter tones need only 4 to 6 weeks of preconditioning).




With either the standard or extra strength ProPeel®, your client should expect to have some pronounced peeling as the top dead layers of skin shed. Skin may also appear darker during this phase. Instruct the client not to pull away the peeling skin. They should allow the skin to peel and fall away naturally or cut away larger pieces with clean cosmetic scissors. Pulling at sections can cause painful tearing where the skin has not yet lifted and also cause hyperpigmentation.


By day six or seven, smoother skin will begin to be revealed. Vivant’s ProPeel® is a rapid way to improve skin texture and tone for photoaged and hyperpigmented skin. It also helps to make comedones easier to extract, helps to open closed comedones, and improves other acne problems, including scarring. Additionally, the newly regenerated skin is more receptive to the clients’ products, so the benefits continue to multiply.


Jumpstart Rejuvenation with Vivant’s ProPeel®  

Treatments can be repeated every six to eight weeks indefinitely for continued improvement and maintenance if needed. Some clients need ongoing treatments while others can complete a four to six ProPeel® treatment cycle and maintain results with a proper skincare routine.

Remember, sun protection is essential in the weeks following a ProPeel® because the newer skin revealed by the peel will be more susceptible to sun damage. Remind your client to protect this new skin with Day Treatment Lotion SPF 15 and avoid UV exposure as much as possible for three to four weeks.


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