Pure C + E bottle over water

The best way to avoid sun damage is obviously to avoid exposure, but let’s be realistic. It’s summer and there is no way we’re not going to spend a little time in the floaty lounge with a boozy beverage in hand.

We all know how damaging sun exposure can be to skin—wrinkles, age spots, skin cancer. Sunscreen is imperative. But can you do more? The answer is yes.

It’s time to deploy the big guns: Vitamins C and E. Apply them to your skin. Eat foods that contain them. Bathe in them. Maybe not that last one, but the benefits of these two potent antioxidants, especially when it comes to summer sun protection, are are so great, you might be tempted to do just that.

Vitamin E is a multi-functional workhorse that protects against free radical damage caused by exposure to sun and pollution. It aids in cell repair, works to reverse the effects of photo-aging and nourishes skin. (If you’re looking to consume it, try almonds, peanuts, spinach, broccoli and kiwi.)

Vitamin C has similarly stellar antioxidant properties with the addition of pronounced protection from damaging UVB rays, the ones responsible for sunburn. (Consumable sources include citrus, kale, papaya, mango, bell peppers.)

Research has demonstrated that together, Vitamins C and E have a synergistic reaction that optimizes their strengths for maximum photoprotective effects, making the combination superior to either antioxidant alone.  

A study published in the Journal of Dermatological Science noted that, when applied to skin prior to sun exposure, the antioxidant combination increased the amount of time before sunburn by 37%. Another study showed an antioxidant protection factor of 4-fold. The combination has also been shown to protect against UV-induced DNA mutations associated with skin cancer.

Vivant’s Pure C + E serum takes advantage of this potent synergy by combining the two antioxidant heroes in one highly effective formula to neutralize free radicals, protect from damaging UV and environmental stressors, and promote regeneration of healthier, glowing skin.

This is not meant to replace your sunscreen, but to augment it. Those same studies that revealed the superiority of the antioxidant combination, also recommend their use in conjunction with a broad spectrum sunscreen to maximize photoprotection.

To increase the effectiveness of sunscreen apply Vivant's Pure C + E as a primer which also repairs and adds an antioxidant boost. It’s the ideal secret weapon for sun defense in summer, but also essential for antioxidant protection throughout the year.