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Lactic Acid: The Milk of Youth

Lactic Acid: The Milk of Youth

Cleopatra. The wives of Roman Emperors Claudius I and Nero. Napoleon’s sister. King François I of France. Elizabeth of Bavaria. England’s Queen Elizabeth I. All big fans of the milk bath in their day.

This extravagance wasn’t simply an attempt to flaunt the wealth and status of these ancient one-percenters. These elite bathers had discovered what science has since confirmed. Milk made their skin remarkably smooth, soft, and radiantly youthful. They didn’t know why, but they knew it worked.

Fast forward to modern times. We now know that the magical milk component that worked such wonders on regal skin was lactic acid, a prominent member of the alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) family. We’ve also discovered lactic acid doesn’t have to come from donkey milk. Any mammal will do, though these days it’s often sourced from the fermentation of plant based carbohydrates.

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Like other AHAs, lactic acid works by dissolving the proteins binding skin cells together, which results in a sloughing off of dead cells and debris. This exfoliation stimulates cell renewal and promotes the production of collagen and elastin.

Lactic acid is effective in reducing the appearance of fine lines, bringing a firming lift to sagging skin, and clearing and controlling acne. It also has a lightening effect to help diminish pigmentation, age spots and acne scarring. And because lactic acid has a larger molecular structure, it stays mostly on the skin surface so it avoids irritating skin like other AHAs can.

The ancients were right on this one, lactic acid is the ideal AHA for clearer, smoother, firmer and more even-toned skin that’s soft as a cherub’s bottom.


Incorporate Lactic Acid Into Your Regimen To:

Target Aging

Vivant’s multi-tiered line of correcting and rejuvenating serums—Derm-A-Gel® (level I), Exfol A™(level II), Exfol A™ Forté (Level III)—harness the synergy of lactic acid and vitamin A to work above and below skin surface to nourish, renew, refine and retexture. Derm-A-Renew™ and Rejuv Rx add collagen-building peptides to the formula for even more dynamic lifting and firming properties.


Target Acne

Vivant’s  Clear Body Therapy gets an exfoliating boost from the combination of lactic acid and vitamin A for a dramatic retexturizing effect. Helps clear impactions, refine pores, reduce oil and prevent future breakouts on hard-to-control skin including back and chest areas. This combination is also excellent for softening dry heels, elbows and knees.


Target Hyperpigmentation

Lactic acid and mandelic acid, two gentle AHA brighteners, are teamed for a dramatically different AHA experience in Vivant’s Mandelic Acid 3-in-1 Serum in an 8% or 15% formulation. Designed to target acne, aging and hyperpigmentation without the typical irritation that can trigger post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, these serums are especially good for darker skin tones.

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