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Why Lactic Acid is Perfect for Sensitive Skin and Every Other Type

Woman inside a tub taking a milk bath with plants on the backgroundYou don’t have to have sensitive skin to love the benefits of lactic acid, but if you do, so much the better because one of lactic acid’s greatest attributes is its gentle nature. It’s a multi-tasking superstar of exfoliation with a sensitive side, perfect for those whose skin is easily irritated, with plenty to offer every skin type and tone.


What is Lactic Acid?

Lactic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that works by breaking down the proteins that bind dead skin cells together to slough off dead cells and debris. It’s a natural component of milk and has been part of beauty regimens for centuries. It was a favorite among royals, most notably, Cleopatra, who regularly submerged themselves milk baths. Today, lactic acid is made synthetically for use in skin care. 


How is lactic acid different from other AHAs?

The molecular structure of lactic acid is larger than other AHAs, so rather than going deep into the dermis, it remains mostly on the surface allowing it to exfoliate.


What do we love about lactic acid? 

A master of gentle exfoliation, lactic acid sloughs off dull, dead skin to give skin a renewed, radiant glow.

Lactic acid spurs cell renewal bringing plump, youthful cells to the surface and encouraging the production of collagen and elastin in the deeper layers of the skin.

Lactic acid is a skin barrier hero. It’s a humectant meaning it pulls moisture into the skin and retains it to improve hydration, which are critical to a healthier, more resilient lipid barrier.

This surface exfoliator is a texture and tone polisher. It reduces the appearance of fine lines, firms lax tone, lightens scars, reduces age spots, promotes even tone, and helps to clear acne impactions.

And it does it all gently and without irritation. Ready to add lactic acid to your regimen?


Lactic Acid for Ageless Skin

All of Vivant’s ageless corrective serums are formulated with lactic acid for all the reasons above. Derm-A-Renew builds on lactic acid with vitamin A and peptides to prepare sensitive skin for more advanced vitamin A therapies. Derm-A-Gel® (level I), Exfol A™ (level II), Exfol A™ Forté (Level III) pair lactic acid with vitamin A to work above and below the skin surface to nourish, renew, refine and retexture. Rejuv Rx blends lactic acid with collagen-boosting, redness-reducing peptides for advanced lifting and firming.

Lactic Acid for Acne

Clear Body Therapy gets an exfoliating boost from the combination of lactic acid and vitamin A for a dramatic retexturizing effect. Helps clear impactions, refine pores, reduce oil and prevent future breakouts on hard-to-control skin including back and chest areas. This combination is also excellent for softening dry heels, elbows, and knees.

Lactic Acid for Hyperpigmentation

Lactic acid and mandelic acid, two gentle AHA brighteners, are teamed for a dramatically different AHA experience in Vivant’s Mandelic Acid 3-in-1 Serum in an 8% or 15% formulations. Designed to target acne, aging, and hyperpigmentation without the typical irritation that can trigger post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, these serums are especially good for darker skin tones.

Lactic Acid for Brightening and Reversing Photodamage

Pure C + E pairs lactic acid with vitamins C and E in a high-performance serum to reverse the effects of photoaging, prevent future damage, and restore radiant tone and texture. 

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