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Secrets Of Stress-Free Skin Care For Any Style

Secrets Of Stress-Free Skin Care For Any Style. The Minimalist


Low maintenance is your mantra. You’d rather spend another twenty minutes with a cup of tea and your morning read than figure out how many products you’ll need to achieve the perfect contour. We get it.

A few simple skin care steps can make it a lot easier to face the world with minimal to no makeup. To maintain a dare-to-bare complexion, tone and texture are your biggest concerns. That means ingredients to accelerate cell turn over, promote brightness, and boost collagen.


Top Picks For Low Effort & High Impact:


Spin Trap Vitamin C & E Therapy

This high performance, radiance redux ticks all the boxes for simplicity with stunning results. Protect, correct and prevent environmental damage, increase cell metabolism, promote collagen and elastin production, and enhance brightness with this potent antioxidant serum.


Wink Eye Rejuvenation Cream

Bye, bye sleepy eye. Wink wakes up tired eyes with a dose of antioxidant caffiene to simulate circulation, reduce puffiness, and prevent and reverse photodamage. Vitamin A, kojic acid, grape seed oil, oat extract, aloe, and peptides round out this lifting, firming, brightening formula.



Secrets Of Stress-Free Skin Care For Any Style. The Skin Care Junkie 


If you’re out of counter space in your bathroom and you’ve started storing your overflow in the guest bathroom, it might be time to streamline. New products are fun, but to really see results in your skin, you need consistency.

Right now, as the holidays are going full-tilt, it’s the perfect time to pare down and simplify your routine. Pick a few workhorse products and use them religiously for at least a month. No rotation. Then check your results.


Products Worthy Of Commitment:



There’s a reason this serum is a consistent winner in Dermascope Magazine’s Aestheticians’ Choice Awards. It’s a multi-tasker that takes on fine lines, wrinkles, acne, and uneven tone with dramatic results. Commit to this one for at least a month and see firmer, more even, blemish-free, glowing skin. This is your soul-mate serum.


Normalizing Tonic

To maximize the effectiveness of your serum, prep skin with this refining and balancing toner. Glycolic acid and witch hazel dissolve oil, slough off dead skin cells, minimize appearance of pores, and restore skin’s natural pH level, while clearing the way for optimum absorption of your corrective serum.



 Secrets Of Stress-Free Skin Care For Any Style. The Sports Enthusiast


Is Dri Fit your de rigueur? Your active lifestyle gives you an advantage in the skin care arena. Exercise is great skin therapy. It improves circulation, boosts collagen production, and increases human growth hormone to help keep skin looking younger and firmer.

However, exercise also means your skin is subject to clogged pores from sweat, oil, and sunscreen. Cleansing and toning after workouts is crucial to avoiding acne-causing buildup and bacteria.


Peak Performers For The Active Lifestyle:


Mandelic Acid 3-In-1 Wash

An antioxidant powerhouse that gently exfoliates, controls acne-causing bacteria, brightens skin tone, and stimulates collagen production. Ultra fresh. Ultra gentle. Ultra restorative. 


Daily Repair Pads

Pop these refreshing pre-moistened, single-use pads in your gym bag for simple clarifying repair anywhere. Alcohol free and uniquely formulated with anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating ingredients to improve skin texture and tone while prepping skin for better absorption of Vivant’s rejuvenating serums. 



Secrets Of Stress-Free Skin Care For Any Style. The Frequent Traveler 


Is your idea of the perfect weekend scoring a last-minute deal on a flight to anywhere? Are you on a first name basis with the concierge staff in several major cities? Your biggest issue is protecting your skin barrier.

Sleep disruption, dehydration from air travel, inconsistency in diet, too much alcohol, stress of travel, changes in environment—all the typical travel can undermine skin health by causing irritation, dehydration, and inflammation.

Look for products that nourish and hydrate. Ingredients like niacinamide, grape seed and rosehip oils (rich in omega 6 fatty acids), lactic acid, honey. Avoid the hotel products, which can often be harsh and disrupt your skin’s pH balance.


Our top picks for travelers:


Green Tea Antioxidant Cleanser

This nourishing cleanser is loaded with antioxidant free radical fighting ingredients to help counter the environmental stresses of travel and keep skin clear, healthy, and bright. As a travel bonus, you can use it on hair and body as well.


Skin Nourishing Toner

Fight back against free radicals and rehydrate after a skin punishing flight with this antioxidant-rich, barrier-strengthening formula for refining and renewing.  Mandelic acid brightens and gently exfoliates. Green tea extract and rosehip oil hydrate, calm, and protect against environmental stressors and signs of aging. 


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