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Winter Is The Best Time To Brighten

Winter Is The Best Time To Brighten


If you’re already a fan, or have ever considered a little booty brightening, now is the time to get on that.


Because you’re required to limit UV exposure for a few days post-bleaching, starting the series now while you’re more likely to venture out in a parka than a thong, makes a whole lot of sense. And since the process is a series of treatments (six is usually recommended), starting now will ensure you are ready to venture out with confidence in time for spring break.


Oh, what’s that? You haven’t heard of intimate bleaching? Let us enlighten you (pun intended). First, don’t be confused by the options out there. The one you’re looking for is Vivant’s Miami Bleach intimate bleaching system. Ask your esthetician.


The process is a series of professional peels that incorporates patented vitamin A propionate, TCA, and alpha hydroxy acids to safely lighten the most delicate areas, as well as inner thighs, underarms, elbows and knees if desired. The light peel removes the top layers of skin and stimulates cell regeneration to reveal a brighter, more consistent tone.


The degree of pigmentation in the intimate areas is determined by genetics, but factors like hormones, pregnancy, age, waxing and sex can all darken the area further. Miami Bleach is a safe and effective option for anyone, male or female, looking for a little tone tune-up. And it’s safe for all skin tones with the recommended pre-conditioning.





Learn more about Vivant's Miami Bleach intimate  bleaching system here.








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