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Taking Care of Fair and Freckled Skin

Are you seeing spots? When you look in the mirror and see freckled skin, your skin is telling you something. Those with fair and freckled skin need to take special care to ensure that their skin doesn't suffer during the sunnier months of the year.


Freckled skin in the sun

If you have freckles, how can you protect and nourish your skin?

What Are Freckles?


Skin comes in a wide variety of hues and there are many variations within an individual's skin tone.

A chemical called melanin is responsible for the relative darkness of your skin; it is made by specialized skin cells called melanocytes. Melanin is your skin's way of protecting itself from the damaging ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Those with lighter skin have less melanin, while those with darker skin have more.

Many people with lighter skin have freckles. These darker spots are due to the fact that some of their melanocytes produce more melanin than others.


Be Cautious of the Impact of the Sun


We need sunshine to help our bodies create vitamin D, but in larger quantities or over time, it can also damage the skin, leading to a host of problems such as dryness and wrinkles, mottled color, or even skin cancer.

To some degree, freckles can tell the story of your sun exposure. When your skin is exposed to the sun, it makes more melanin and you get more freckles.

Increasing numbers of freckles can tell you that your sun exposure is increasing and warn you to take action to protect your skin.


Use a daily sun protection regime that incorporates SPF lotion.


Freckled Skin in the Sun

In the summer sun, and even on snowy winter days, your skin experiences subtle damage. Prevent this damage by applying sunscreen 20 to 30 minutes before you go outside. To work effectively, sunscreen should protect against both UVA and UVB radiation, be an SPF of 15 or higher, and should be water resistant.

Find a fun and fashionable hat, sunglasses and a SPF-protective lip balm to complete your summer outfit. If you need to head out in the sun, wear sun protection lotion and a light, loose fabric over your shoulders and arms to provide additional burn and sun damage prevention.

Skin care products for women and men can help keep fair and freckled skin glowing without a tan.

Use a moisturizing skin lotion to reduce dryness, and choose serums with antioxidants that help reduce the damage caused by the sun on your skin.

Serums with retinol can help nourish your skin cells, thickening and strengthening the dermis to help reduce wrinkles and other sun damage.

Look for a daily moisturizing lotion that also incorporates sun protection, because you never know when you might step outside and forget your sunscreen.


Caring for Freckled Skin as You Age

As you age, you may experience additional skin mottling that looks like freckles. These are age spots, or lentigines, and they're caused by sun exposure. If you notice that you have more and more freckling over time, talk with a dermatologist to ensure that the spots you are seeing are benign.

Look for skin care products containing mandelic acid that focus on restraining the melanin that causes these blotches to occur.

Are you looking for skin care products for women and men that are scientifically proven to work with freckled and photo-damaged skin?

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