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Six Ways Vitamin C Fights Dark Spots

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For targeting age spots, hyperpigmentation, and acne scars, there are two types of ingredients: the fixers and the preventers. Fixers are ingredients that break down melanocytes (the basal cells at the deepest part of the epidermis that produce melanin) or work at the surface level to exfoliate and fade existing pigment. Preventers disrupt the process of melanin formation. It’s the rare breed of super ingredient that does both. Vitamin C is that rare breed. Your skin can’t have a better friend when it comes to promoting bright, even-toned skin.


Why your even-tone regimen requires vitamin C

Antioxidant Hero

Exposure to UV light generates free radicals that can start a cascade of reactions that damage cells, breakdown collagen, spur inflammation, and catalyze pigmentation.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant warrior that neutralizes free radicals to protect the skin from oxidative stress.



Vitamin C is a melanin-inhibitor. A little like your nosy workmate, vitamin C steps in at all the critical moments in the melanin production chain to interrupt the process and reduce the final melanin output to virtually nothing.


Glutathione Ally

Glutathione is an antioxidant that regulates tyrosinase activity. Vitamin C has an interesting relationship with this pivotal player in the pigment game. Vitamin C boosts the body’s stores of glutathione, further helping to depress melanin activity. This is a bonus especially for those more prone to hyperpigmentation since HP has been linked to lower levels of glutathione in the body.


Cell Regenerator

No slacker, vitamin C also has mildly exfoliating properties to boost cell turnover and help remove excess pigment from the skin surface. At the same time, it’s working to regenerate new cells resulting in a smoother, more consistent tone.


Collagen Booster

As an essential component in the synthesis of collagen, vitamin C strengthens the skin’s underlying structure to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines for a more youthful, brighter appearance. 


Inflammation Fighter

Finally, the anti-inflammatory properties of vitamin C help keep pimples from leaving behind the dark marks of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.


Although it's powerful alone, Vitamin C works best when paired with antioxidant vitamin E, which boosts the action of vitamin C four-fold. Together, they form an antioxidant super couple that maximizes the photoprotective and reparative properties of each. Hydrophilic vitamin C synergizes with lipophilic vitamin E to protect both the aqueous and lipid compartments of the cell.


Vivant’s Pure C + E takes advantage of this potent synergy by combining the two antioxidant heroes in one high-performance formula to neutralize free radicals, protect from damaging UV and environmental stressors, and brighten the skin for an even tone and radiant glow.


Vivant Skin Care Pure C + E brightening, antioxidant serum






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