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Aloe’s Deep Dark Secret for Even Tone

Already a superstar for its healing and soothing properties, your old friend aloe is hiding a powerful secret that makes it the perfect addition to your summertime regimen.

Long used to relieve sunburns and speed healing, aloe contains a compound called aloesin, which inhibits the tyrosinase the enzyme responsible for the production of skin pigment melanin. 

While melanin is necessary for protecting the skin from UV light damage, excess melanin caused by overstimulation of the tyrosinase enzyme leads to discoloration such as age spots and hyperpigmentation. So naturally, in the summertime, when the sun is at its peak, and we are spending more time outdoors, we can use some extra protection. And aloe is bringing it.

In addition to its tyrosinase-inhibiting compound, aloe has another trick up its sleeve in the form of cinnamic acid, a prolific, but gentle exfoliator that clears away dead cells and brings fresh new skin to the surface. That helps speed in removing excess pigment that’s already formed.

So while we usually think of aloe just as an after-sun soother, you should be thinking of it as part of your pre-sun routine to help minimize the effects of UV and keep skin tone even.

Recommended Product With Aloe

For photo-protective repair and prevention, try Totaloe™ with whole leaf aloe barbadensis leaf juice. Healer, hydrator, and brightener in one.

Recommended SPF

Put it on before your application of Day Treatment Lotion SPF 15 as a daily dark-spot defender.

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