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Your Fall Back-To-Beautiful Checklist


Your Fall Back-To-Beautiful Checklist

What Your Skin Needs Now

You may not be ready to say goodbye to summer (we aren’t), but saying goodbye to summer skin stressors—UV, pollution, heat, saltwater, chlorine—is something we’re all too happy to do. Now is the time to focus on repairing, restoring, and revitalizing. These superhero products have it all for a trouble-free transition from summer to fall.

Hopefully, you used sunscreen and took steps to limit your sun exposure, but even with your best efforts, your skin will likely have soaked up more sun than usual. Combat the effects of UV radiation—dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles, and sag—with this gently exfoliating, antioxidant serum that’s safe for all skin tones.

Summer heat and humidity can put oil production into overdrive. Rebalance without stripping with this radically different optimizing formula. A curative cocktail of antioxidant and nourishing ingredients including mandelic acid to stimulate cell renewal and promote even tone; botanical elements to clear and calm; plus photoprotective niacinamide and rosehip oil to hydrate and protect against environmental stressors and signs of aging.

If your skin is feeling dehydrated from too much chlorine and salt water, replenish and restore suppleness and elasticity with this skin-quenching moisturizer. Packed with antioxidants, bioactive marine minerals, amino acids and sea proteins, it’s intensely hydrating and nourishing without feeling greasy or heavy. Plus, the hint of ocean spray in the fragrance will help keep summer alive in your heart.

Clear away summer grime, oil, pollution, and dead skin cell accumulation to reveal a radiant fall glow. This refreshing hydrating scrub excels on its own, or add it to your favorite cleanser to give it an exfoliating boost. Made with renewable and biodegradable luxfoliating microbeads.

Give over-stressed skin some love with this restorative, clarifying mask enriched with cell-renewing proteins, minerals, and antioxidants that nourish skin above and below the surface. Helps promote collagen and elastin production for firmer, suppler skin.

Environmental conditions, heat, cold, wind, and UV exposure can damage lipids, the fatty membranes between cells that are essential to a healthy skin barrier. This powerfully protective serum gets its strength from antioxidant superheroes vitamins C & E; brightening, hydrating and gently exfoliating lactic acid; and anti-inflammatory, photoprotective niacinamide. The ultimate barrier booster for all seasons.

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