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The Real Magic of Mushrooms: Ageless Skin

The Real Magic of Mushrooms: Ageless Skin


Mushrooms with béarnaise yogurt. Mushroom paella with kale and eggs. Herby barley salad with butter-basted mushrooms. Whole grilled salmon with chanterelles. We’re already dreaming of the fantastic ways we are going to incorporate more mushrooms into our diet after digging deep into research surrounding mushrooms and their ability to slow down aging.


Mushrooms were considered by the early Roman and Egyptian civilizations as the food of the gods. In many cultures, they were reserved for rulers only. Chinese emperors ate them by the armload to increase longevity and remain forever young. They were considered aphrodisiacs in ancient Japanese courts and have been prized for their medicinal properties since the beginnings of civilization.


Modern research has shown mushrooms to be beneficial in treating cancer, fighting infections, controlling diabetes, lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, and helping to prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s.


All of that is reason enough to eat more mushrooms. But here’s a delicious bonus: these mostly unattractive fungi do a beautiful job of enhancing the health of your skin and protecting it from aging.


Potent in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. Rich in protein, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals to help strengthen skin structure and tone. Excellent sources of AGEs-reducing beta-glucan polysaccharides and selenium to counter oxidative stress. Effective in reducing glucose levels.


A recent study showed the consumption of mushrooms correlated to a reduction in the collagen-damaging oxidative reaction known as advanced glycation end products (AGEs), a process caused by excess sugars in the blood binding to proteins and breaking them down. 


Mushrooms are the only source of vitamin D in the produce aisle and one of the few non-fortified food sources of this important nutrient that aids in healthy cell proliferation and reduced inflammation.


The anti-inflammatory properties in mushrooms can also help improve acne, rosacea and eczema.


With close to 150,000 species of mushroom—black trumpet, king trumpet, chanterelle, hedgehog, enoki, shitake, maitake, oyster, lion’s mane, porcini, morel, crimini, Coriolus versicolor, reishi (we just like saying the names)—there’s no end to the ways you can enjoy mushrooms.


Their high protein content makes them versatile as the main component of a dish. There are also mushroom teas and mushroom powders that can be added to smoothies, savory baked goods, in sauces, or even chili. Use your imagination.


We can’t wait to get into the kitchen and try out some of the mushroom-packed recipes we found over here at Bon Appetit.


We’ve already tapped into the magic of mushrooms topically by formulating with kojic acid, the alpha hydroxy acid derived from mushrooms and known for its brightening properties and our researchers are hard at work looking for more ways to harness the power of one of the world’s oldest and most prolific healers.


Find mushroom-derived kojic acid in Vivant’s Derm-A-Gel, Derm-A-Renew, Exfol-A™, Exfol-A™ Forté, Bleaching Cream, and Bleaching Serum Forté.


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