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Spot On: Skin Positivity Meets Solution Positivity

Spot On: Skin Positivity Meets Solution Positivity


We’ve seen a lot of people speaking up about skin positivity on social media, posting makeup-free, unfiltered selfies along with encouraging words of acceptance for themselves and others.


From Instagram users to celebrities to Teen Vogue’s Acne Awards focusing on the “constant battle between embracing acne appreciation and feeling frustrated about your zits,” the embracing of imperfection has hit a strong emotional chord.


Model Starlie Smith kicked the issue to the forefront when she shared a no-makeup selfie revealing her blemishes with the caption “WHO CARES IF YOU HAVE ACNE YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL (A love note to myself & others struggling,” and hashtagged it #honest.


French illustrator Izumi Tutti turned her pimples into art, connecting them with colored lines like stars in a constellation on her Tumblr The Constellation Project.


The conversations highlight the conflict between surface and interior, judgment and acceptance, pain and celebration. And we are here for all of it. We make products designed to eradicate acne, but that doesn’t put us at odds with skin positivity. Our main goal is to help you feel great in your skin.


Beauty is not what’s on the surface. It’s all the things that make you who you are. It’s how you experience things. It’s the people you surround yourself with. It’s the ways you love, and the ways you are loved. With or without acne, you are beautiful.

But when you look in the mirror, those things are not always what you see. And that disconnect can be painful.


We know the emotional toll that acne can take. Dr. Fulton struggled with acne and personally tried every acne treatment available at the time—sulfur drying lotions, tetracycline antibiotics, ultraviolet light burning, freezing with dry ice, painful extraction, x-ray treatments. His struggles drove him to make it his personal and professional mission to conquer acne.


That quest led to the development of the gold standards of acne treatment—Retin-A®, Benzoyl Peroxide, topical Erythromycin, and Vitamin A Propionate—and ultimately to the Vivant Skin Care line. Our products have been clearing the unclearable for over forty years.


There’s nothing more beautiful than confidence and self-acceptance. But acceptance doesn’t have to mean acquiescence. If you want to clear your acne, but don’t know where to start, check out our skin journey page, or talk with our in-house esthetician. We’d love to help you find your best skin.



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