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It’s October. Time to Put On a Mask

It’s October. Time to Put On a Mask

Pumpkin spice lattes aren’t the only things popping up everywhere this time of year. Take a look around the web and you’ll find many people say their acne increases in the fall. Could be back to school stress, change in environment or even a hormonal shift due to nature’s plan for pregnancies to occur in the fall for spring births. Whatever the reasons, it's a good idea to up your skin care game now.

Whether you’re dealing with a mild flare-up or a full-blown breakout, there’s nothing like adding a mask into your skin care regimen to give your complexion a boost and get your skin looking as smooth and refined as a ball gown at brunch.

Masks work by delivering nutrients and moisture deep into the skin, while pulling impurities and toxins to the surface, deep cleaning, absorbing excess oil, taking pores from plus-size to barely there.

The big advantage of a mask is the leave-on aspect, which allows for greater penetration of active ingredients into the skin. While the mask remains damp, your skin is absorbing beneficial nutrients and minerals. When the mask begins to dry, it starts pulling impurities, dirt and oil to the surface to shed away dead skin cells. 

There are all kinds of masks out there. In the DIY category, the list is endless. It seems people are willing to put just about anything on their face if it comes with the promise of a clearer, firmer complextion. Egg whites, salt, avocados, cinnamon, vinegar, mashed banana, you name it. All have varying and questionable degrees of benefit, but plenty of mess.

In the professional category, skin care companies go to extremes to get you to plunk down your hard-earned cash for the latest, trendiest miracle. How about a 24-carat gold bioluminescence infusion mask? Not only will it set you back a month’s rent, it’s not even good for your skin. Dermatologists warn that gold can cause dermatitis and, in high doses, can actually be toxic. Pass.

The best masks are still based in natural bentonite clay, which has been used for centuries for its thickening, cleansing and therapeutic effects. Formed by the aging and weathering of volcanic ash, bentonite is rich in natural minerals and electromagnetically charged. When activated by water, this charge acts as a toxin magnet, drawing impurities from the skin and depositing beneficial moisture, nutrients and minerals in their place. The constricting property of bentonite also acts to stimulate circulation, bringing more oxygen to the skin.

Vivant offers two bentonite-based masks for smoothing, refining and enhancing skin’s tone and texture:

Algae Soft Mask is a restorative clarifying mask enriched with natural, bioactive marine minerals and antioxidant ingredients to nourish and renew skin above and below the surface. It’s recommended for all skin types.

For more resistant acne or oily skin, the Sulfur Clay Mask (sulfur is a natural mineral that fights bacteria and accelerates cell turnover) with acne fighting zinc sulfate and salicylic acid provides the definitive detox.

Our new FF3 Manuka Honey Enzyme Lift is a perfect addition to any regimen. Get instant brightness and lift with this hydrating and revitalizing mask. Manuka honey plus pineapple enzymes are the ultimate glow-intensity workout for tired, stressed skin. Gently resurfaces, clears dead cells, and infuses moisture, delivering velvety smooth and bouncy skin.

Along with making your skin clearer, softer, firmer and brighter, masks are just fun. Put one on, put your feet up, turn on the spa channel and tune out the world for a short while. A little cold goo is good for the skin and good for the soul.

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