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Fight For Your Right To Party-Ready Skin

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It’s party season! Time to get your glow on. But holiday stress along with shifts in diet and/or sleep can mean skin issues. Fight back with a little targeted prep and pampering and you’ll be shining brighter than the Swarovski crystal ball in Times Square on New Year’s Eve. Here are a few tips for putting your best party face forward.


Don’t Slack On The Skin Care Regimen

Shopping. Wrapping. Work. Parties. Holiday movie binge watching. Between all the demands on your time during this busy season, it might be tempting to take a few shortcuts, but your daily skin care regimen is not the place to cut. To keep skin looking bright and beautiful, keep up your daily routine and don’t even think about going to bed without washing your face.


Power Down Your Pores

You can’t actually shrink your pores, but you can make them appear smaller. Pores are the oil glands at the base of hair follicles in your skin. As dead skin cells build up on the skin surface, they mix with oil to form impactions, which has the effect of magnifying pores. Minimizing the buildup by removing layers of dead skin makes the pores less visible. Alpha hydroxy acids, retinoids, an invigorating scrub or a refreshing toner are all good ways to accomplish this feat. Try the “holy grail” mini peel in a pad for smooth, bright, even-toned skin.


Get A Brightening Boost Of Exfoliation

Hopefully, you’re already using a chemical exfoliator (alpha hydroxyl acid, retinoids) to keep skin looking healthy and clear. To shine your brightest this party season, give the cell renewal process an additional boost by adding in some physical exfoliation in the form of a scrub. Vivant’s Buffing Grains Exfoliating Cleanser is good for all skin types and can be used on its own or added to a targeted cleanser for maximum radiance.


Take On Pimples With Ice Therapy

Rubbing ice over a pimple reduces inflammation and redness and speeds healing. It also helps your skin better absorb acne treatments like benzoyl peroxide. To get your skin looking clearer quicker, rub ice over cleansed skin for two to three minutes up to three times a day and follow with an application of BP 10% Gel Medication over the entire face (no spot treating) to kill bacteria and flush out impactions.


Detox With A Mask

Masks deliver nutrients and moisture deep into the skin while pulling impurities and toxins to the surface, deep cleaning, absorbing excess oil, refining pores. Vivant offers two bentonite-based masks for smoothing, refining and enhancing skin’s tone and texture. Algae Soft Mask enriched with natural, bioactive marine minerals and antioxidant ingredients, is recommended for all skin types. For more resistant acne or oily skin, the Sulfur Clay Mask with zinc and salicylic acid fights acne-causing bacteria, accelerates cell turnover and promotes clear, glowing skin. Get instant brightness and lift with FF3 Manuka Enzyme Lift, a hydrating and revitalizing mask. Manuka honey plus pineapple enzymes are the ultimate glow-intensity workout for tired, stressed skin. Gently resurfaces, clears dead cells, and infuses moisture, delivering velvety smooth and bouncy skin.


Get Plenty Of Sleep

And if you can’t get plenty of sleep, at least look like you did. Ward of dark circles and baggy eyes with Wink Eye Rejuvenation Cream. Caffeine, oligopeptides, grape seed extract and Vitamin A Propionate give eyes a firming lift so you can look bright-eyed and beautiful.  

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