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Cesar Augusto: Changing The Landscape Of The Manscape




Changing The Landscape Of The Manscape

Cesar Augusto: Changing The Landscape Of The Manscape

In the new era of male beauty consciousness, men are increasingly embracing the culture of rejuvenation, but many still have reservations. Aesthetician Cesar Augusto has been working to change that with his full-service spa that caters exclusively to male clients. Anu Day Spa For Men in Atlanta is a bastion of male beauty and Cesar Augusto is its unapologetic leader.



Cesar talks manscape commitment levels, intimate bleaching, and a few other unmentionables.

Why did you want to open a spa specifically for men?
Traditionally this field has been dominated by women, and for this reason when you visit a spa, or salon where skin care, body waxing, and body treatments are offered, the clientele is largely female. Guys feel uncomfortable being the only one sitting around a bunch of ladies waiting for the same service. I wanted to provide guys with a place where they can go to and feel comfortable getting the services we provide.

All our staff is male. Most men feel more comfortable when another guy is providing the services, particularly certain services. (THIS GIRL IS WAXING MY WHAT?) And believe it or not, most female estheticians don’t want to provide certain services for men.

All these guys are out there waiting for a place that provides all these services in a comfortable atmosphere. We’re the only place in the Metro Atlanta area exclusively for men with a full-array of spa services. I have a niche.

What’s the biggest mistake men make in caring for their skin?
Not taking care of their skin because it is not a “men’s thing.” This ancient belief is no longer relevant.

What made you want to get into skin care as a career?
As I was growing older and noticing the changes in my body including my skin, I became curious about what could be done. I also realized I was not the only one feeling these concerns; that everyone was experiencing these pains of getting older. So, it was, Aesthetics School, here I come.

Is a man’s facial different than one for a woman?
There is not a fundamental difference between a man’s or a woman’s facial. Every facial is customized to the skin needs and conditions of every person. When available, a stronger version of a product can be used with men since guys’ skin is usually thicker.

Should men use serums and eye creams?
Wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes are an aging occurrence in both men and women, so if men want to minimize and delay these aging signs in this area, they should definitely use serums and eye creams.

What’s the most requested service on your menu?
Let me divide this answer into three categories:
1. Skin Care: Facial resurfacing
2. Body Waxing: Manzilian (Brazilian for men)
3. Body Treatments: Detoxifying body wrap

Miami Bleach


Do you see intimate bleaching growing in popularity?
Absolutely, when you say bleaching most people think of Intimate Bleaching. The reality is people look for other types (areas) of bleaching: underarms, inner thighs, hands, elbows, feet. Hyperpigmentation can occur anywhere on your body.


Why should people try intimate bleaching?
Most people try Intimate Bleaching because they feel uncomfortable, embarrassed by the hyperpigmentation on their bodies. Intimate bleaching, or bleaching in general is a great solution for this condition.

You use Vivant’s Miami Bleach system in your spa. Is it the first bleaching system you’ve used?
No, I’ve used other systems before. Miami Bleach is by far the most effective one I’ve used.


Do you do a lot of waxing in your spa?
Yes, it is probably our most popular service.

On a scale of one to what the F, how painful is waxing?
It is painful, but interestingly enough, every single client that waxes for the first time, responds the same way when asked how painful was it. The answer is always, “Not as bad as I thought!”

Keep in mind, as far as I know, Anu Med Spa for Men is the only place (at least in the Metro Atlanta area) that uses a numbing product that reduces the discomfort of intimate waxing by at least 50%.

Is manscaping a commitment, or a casual affair?
Both. Most guys that manscape get used to it and do it on a regular basis. It’s like getting a haircut; it’s just a must.

I do have a large group of clients who manscape for the spring and summer when it gets warmer and is time to go to the pool, beach, vacation, etc. And I have the clients who are sent to my spa by their girlfriend, fiancé, or female friend.

“If I clean up, he has to clean up,” is usually the comment I get when a girl calls making the appointment for her guy.

Are men as vain as women?
I don’t know if vain is the word I want to use, but men are becoming more and more conscious of their looks and, consequently, taking better care of themselves.

What’s the secret to great skin?
Take good care of yourself with good habits: stay hydrated, get plenty of rest; minimize sun exposure, or use a good sunscreen at least 30 SPF; avoid smoking; reasonable alcohol consumption; and as we grow older, take advantage of the vast array of great products available to minimize the skin aging appearance.

What’s your daily skin care maintenance routine?
Cleansing morning and evening (Glycolic/Green Tea antioxidant cleansers)
Retinol facial scrub 2-3 times a week
Wink Eye Rejuvenation Cream every morning
Tinted sunscreen 30 SPF
Less than 5 minutes in the morning and in the evening.

What’s in your travel kit (i.e. your can’t leave home without)?
All the items I mentioned in my previous answer, plus my toothbrush, and some personal items I prefer not to discuss.

Where can you be found on Saturday morning?
AT Anu Med Spa for Men. Saturday is the busiest day of the week.

Any parting advice for men about skin care or otherwise?
If you’re taking good care of your skin, congratulations! Keep doing it! If not, it is time to start. You’ll love the results. Give waxing a chance. You will really appreciate the smooth, clean feeling, and your partner (she/he) will thank you for that.


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