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The Best Books On Beauty, Skin Care, and Being A BadAss Boss Of Life

The Best Books On Beauty, Skin Care, and Being A Bad Ass Boss Of Life


It’s a new year and with it, the chance for a fresh start, new goals, new milestones. We’re finding inspiration in a handful of books that are too good to keep to ourselves. Here’s what’s on the desks in the Vivant Lab offices at the start of 2018.


In The Company Of Women by Grace Bonney

Flip through this glossy tome chronicling the inspiring stories of more than 100 influential women whose creativity, strength, determination, and spirit are driving a global movement of female entrepreneurship. Artists, architects, authors, comedians, restaurateurs, fashion designers, activists, poets, potters, designers, makers, musicians, and more. These are portraits of confidence, resilience, and self-reliance that may be the spark your new year needs to make 2018 your year.


Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes

Sali Hughes is legend in the beauty industry for her extensive work as a journalist including writing for every major beauty/lifestyle publication from Elle to Cosmo, and for her honest, straightforward, irreverence and simplicity that’s equal parts sass and class. This first book from the broadcaster, Guardian columnist, former magazine editor, and founder of the ever-entertaining website, is the ultimate beauty guidebook for every age, and just plain fun to read.


Nasty Galaxy by Sophia Amoruso

Helen Mirren’s was quoted as saying about her younger life, “I wish I’d said f*** off more often.” One gets the sense Sophia Amoruso, the founder and CEO of the multimillion-dollar fashion retailer Nasty Gal, won’t have that regret. If your new year could use a kick in the ass and your coffee table-scape needs an upgrade, put this gorgeous tome in your Amazon cart now. Beautiful photos, bits of wisdom, stories of kickass women, plus confidence-boosting, no excuses advice on being a badass boss of life. 


Acne Rx by Dr. James Fulton

Our reading list wouldn’t be complete without the clear skin bible. Written by the renowned gold-standard creator Dr. James Fulton whose revolutionary work forms the foundation of the Vivant Skin Care line, this essential guide details causes, cures, and coping strategies for eliminating the physical and emotional effects of acne.


The Makeup of a Confident Woman by Trish McEvoy

Renowned make-up artist Trish McEvoy has been teaching and talking about the power of beauty confidence for decades. “Beauty is confidence and confidence is beautiful,” is the crux of her message. Her book is about cultivating the seeds of beauty beyond physical appearance, and the key is carving out time for self-care. For anyone who’s looking for a little more work/life/beauty balance in the new year.


Advanced Style by Ari Seth Cohen

The portraits in this collection showcase women and men who refuse to let age determine their style or their satisfaction with life. Cohen’s photographic subjects display a vibrancy of both character and style; unafraid to be as bold and colorful outside as they feel inside. Whatever your age, this collection of photos and bits of wisdom will brighten your day and inspire you to be your most authentic self.


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