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We’re All Abloom Over Rosehip Oil

We’re All Abloom Over Rosehip Oil


Rosa moschata. Rosa rubiginosa. Rosa canina. You kind of just want to rub the words over your face; they sound so divine. These are varieties of wild rose bushes growing in remote mountainous regions of the southern Andes, South Africa and Europe, and they are the producers of the seed-pods from which the skin care industry’s newest rising star ingredient is extracted: rosehip oil. 


Perhaps we get a little giddy over the romance of wild roses delivering up an elixir of youth and vibrancy. Why not? Rosehip oil has got a bit more allure than say, something that comes from fungus. (We’re looking at you, kojic acid. Much as we love you, you are no wild rose extract.)


Australian beauty Miranda Kerr, swears by rosehip oil citing its high antioxidant content, which she says makes her “wake up glowing.”


Other A-list proponents of the heady oil include Kate Middleton, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Victoria Beckham.


And it’s not just women who are discovering the benefits or rosehip oil. British mega model David Gandy revealed to the UK’s Daily Mail that rosehip oil is the secret to his model skin. Instead of Botox, he relies on rosehip oil to combat the stress that long hours and long flights put on his skin.


Romance aside, there are plenty of solid reasons rosehip oil is fast becoming the ingredient of choice for celebs and supermodels.


Why The Rosy Outlook On Rosehip Oil?

A light oil that is easily absorbed and won’t clog pores, rosehip oil is loaded with skin-nourishing vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids that hydrate, and rejuvenate, while helping to reduce fine lines, scars, and age spots.


Rosehip oil contains beta-carotene (vitamin A), an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant that’s essential to promoting cellular turnover and rejuvenation. It’s also high in antioxidant vitamins E and C necessary for skin repair and protection from photo-damaging UV effects.


It’s an oil rich in essential fatty acids Omega-6, Omega-3, and lineolic acid, as well as polyphenolic antioxidants that nourish and protect skin at a cellular level, while helping to repair damage and reduce wrinkles.


Rosehip oil also contains polyunsaturated fatty acids that, when absorbed through the skin, are converted to prostaglandins that aid in the process of cellular membrane and tissue regeneration.


Studies show the high levels anti-oxidants and fatty acids in rosehip oil provide high protection against oxidative stress, making it a top choice for anti-aging.


Vivant’s newly released Skin Nourishing Toner captures the strength of rosehip oil in an ultra-refining and rejuvenating tonic. The transformative formula also contains mandelic acid, niacinamide, green tea extract and richly phenolic white grape pomace extract to clear, calm and repair. It’s a youthful bloom in a bottle.

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