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Bentonite: Dirt Has Never Looked So Beautiful.

Bentonite: Dirt Has Never Looked So Beautiful


Bentonite is clay mined from the earth. Basically dirt. But really, really amazing dirt. It comes from volcanic ash, is loaded with essential minerals, and does some magical things when you put it on your skin. It’s a detoxifier, a regenerator, and a natural healer. Bentonite is the shaman of skin care. Here are a few of its remarkable powers:


Toxin Magnet

In the world of science (and sometimes love), opposites attract. Bentonite is made up of negative ions that are charged when activated by water. Toxins in the body contain positive ions. When bentonite’s is applied to the skin’s surface, the molecules react to draw toxins from the skin and absorb them.


Acne Fighter, Pore Minimizer

Too much oil in the skin clogs pores and promotes bacteria. The unique mineral composition of bentonite removes surface oil and absorbs excess sebum from the follicles. Bentonite also has astringent properties help refine pores to minimize their appearance. Skin appears firmer, thicker, clearer and smoother.


Exfoliation Booster

Regularly removing the top layer of dead skin is essential to keeping skin looking bright, healthy and clear. The exfoliation process removes pore-clogging debris and stimulates the growth of new cells to reduce the appearance of fine lines and acne scars and give skin a firmer, more youthful glow.


Alleviates Puffiness

Bentonite’s absorptive properties don’t just help with keeping oil production under control, they also work to absorb excess fluid and sodium that causes skin to look puffy and bloated.


Reduces Signs of Aging

The minerals in bentonite are known to help repair and renew at the cellular level. Copper improves skin elasticity, thickness and firmness and helps to repair cell tissue. Magnesium, the most prevalent naturally occurring mineral in cells, is a powerful antioxidant that protects against the signs of aging and reduces inflammation.


Promotes Healing and Repair

Skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis are improved by the unique mineral composition of bentonite—calcium, magnesium, silica, sodium, copper, iron and potassium—the same composition found in the Dead Sea, which is renowned for its therapeutic effects.


Increases Moisture

While the affect of clay is to draw impurities out and tighten the skin, it does not draw moisture from the skin. Instead it deposits beneficial moisture, nutrients and minerals and helps to repair and strengthen the skin barrier. A stronger skin barrier means less moisture loss. Skin stays hydrated for a healthier appearance and a softer, suppler feel.



The benefits of bentonite have been well documented. Some people, including celebrities like Shailene are even practitioners of eating the stuff for an internal cleanse. The evidence suggests the occasional clay snack probably won’t do you any harm, but there’s not much to support the benefits either. And there could be some adverse effects including serious constipation from a colon full of clay. Applying it topically, rather than ingesting it, is a far better way to take advantage of all that bentonite has to offer your skin.


You can find bentonite in Vivant’s refining and nourishing masks.


Algae Soft Mask is a restorative clarifying mask enriched with natural, bioactive marine minerals and antioxidant ingredients to nourish and renew skin above and below the surface. It’s recommended for all skin types.


For more resistant acne or oily skin, the Sulfur Clay Mask (sulfur is a natural mineral that fights bacteria and accelerates cell turnover) with acne fighting zinc sulfate and salicylic acid provides the definitive detox.

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