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When Is a Brightener More Than a Brightener?

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The term brightening casts a wide net. It can apply to products that increase cell turnover to exfoliate away the pigmented upper layers of skin and reveal a fresh, healthier complexion. Products that inhibit pigment production are brighteners. Pretty much anything that alleviates dullness and encourages a radiant glow gets thrown into the brightening category.


So what makes a brightener more than a brightener? When it does all of those things, and a little something extra. A best-of-class brightener doesn’t just undo dullness and fade existing pigment, it also prevents new pigment from forming, helps diminish wrinkles and fine lines, and gives everything a bit of a lift. We’d like to introduce you to one product that does all of the above.


Meet Vivant’s Bleaching Cream, a true brightening hero, and your new favorite booster for smooth, luminous, even tone. 


Formulated to be potent, yet non-irritating, the high-performance formula is a blend of illuminating and texture-improving ingredients.


Hydroquinone, dermatologists’ top choice for lightening up pigmented skin, is the anchor. This longstanding champion of brightening inhibits the melanin synthesizing enzyme tyrosinase and breaks down melanin-producing cells to decrease pigmentation and block new pigment from forming.


Vitamin A propionate, the gold standard retinol developed by Dr. James Fulton, accelerates cell turnover to pull pigment up from the lower layers of skin to be shed away. Vitamin A is essential to cell regeneration and collagen production, so it brings new, brighter skin to the surface and strengthens structure and elasticity at the deeper layers. 


The formula also contains melanin inhibitors kojic acid, citric acid, and whole leaf aloe.


Grape seed oil and oat extracts nourish skin and provide antioxidant protection to reduce the activation of melanin from oxidative triggers like UV exposure.


Use Bleaching Cream to target hyperpigmentation, age spots, melasma, or acne scars and reveal not just a brighter, more consistent tone, but also a smoother, firmer texture.


What people are saying:

Named among the best at-home treatments for banishing acne scars by digital fashion and beauty publication Who, What, Wear.


“I am a long time user of Vivant products. But the Bleaching Cream has always been my go-to and ride or die product to clear & brighten my skin. I am a 45-year-old African American female with hyperpigmentation issues on my cheeks and sometimes around my mouth. I always get fast results in clearing this issue.” —Tasema


“I am so glad that I found this product. Finally, after trying everything, I have something that is actually reducing and clearing my age spots/dark pigmentation.” —Paola


“Great for hyperpigmentation. In two weeks, you can see the result.” —Sharmin


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