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When Is a Brightener More Than a Brightener?

The term brightening casts a wide net. It can apply to products that increase cell turnover to exfoliate away the pigmented upper layers of skin and reveal a fresh, healthier complexion. Products that inhibit pigment production are brighteners. Pretty much anything that alleviates dullness and encourages a radiant glow gets thrown into the brightening category.

So what makes a brightener more than a brightener? When it does all of those things, and a little something extra. A best-of-class brightener doesn’t just undo dullness and fade existing pigment, it also prevents new pigment from forming, helps diminish wrinkles and fine lines, and gives everything a bit of a lift. We’d like to introduce you to one product that does all of the above. 

Meet FF3 Triple Repair Complex. This ultra-targeted repair serum reverses discoloration and retextures photoaged skin. 

Formulated to be potent, the high-performance formula is a blend of illuminating and texture-improving ingredients.

The FF3 Technology-powered formula features specialized pigment-regulating peptides and our proprietary GFP Complex (phyto-derived growth factors + patented vitamin A propionate) to improve the appearance of uneven skin tone, lines, wrinkles, and loss of firmness in as little as two months.

Vitamin A propionate, the gold standard retinol developed by Dr. James Fulton, accelerates cell turnover to pull pigment up from the lower layers of skin to be shed away. Vitamin A is essential to cell regeneration and collagen production, so it brings new, brighter skin to the surface and strengthens structure and elasticity at the deeper layers. 

*Before purchasing this product, it is highly recommended to do a Vivant Virtual Consultation.



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