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Vitamin C is the Winter Brightener You Need Now


Vitamin C is a powerful photo-protective agent that guards against damaging UV rays. It’s also essential to the synthesis of collagen, an immunity booster, and a natural brightener. It’s the hero for bringing the glow back to dull winter skin, but also for creating a more even skin tone because of its ability to inhibit tyrosinase, the enzyme that stimulates excess melanin production.

The body requires additional vitamin C during times of stress or illness to stay healthy. Since winter tends to bring more of both stress and illness, it’s a good time to focus on making sure you’re getting enough of this powerful antioxidant and brightener, especially if you are trying to create a more even skin tone and fade discoloration.

Because vitamin C is water soluble, it doesn’t remain in the body very long. The body absorbs just what it needs, and excretes the excess, so you aren’t able to build up a store. You need to replenish daily. How can you get more vitamin C in your diet? Citrus fruits, pineapple, guava, strawberries, mango, papaya, Brussel sprouts, kiwi, bell peppers, broccoli, kale, and tomatoes are all excellent sources.

Keep in mind, cooking vegetables can degrade vitamins. Eat them raw, steamed, or roasted to retain the most nutrient value. For more ways to boost your vitamin C quota, add sliced lemon or orange to your drinking water. Snack on raw vegetables. Work some fermented vegetables like kimchi or sauerkraut into your menu rotation. The fermenting process increases nutrient and gives you the bonus of microflora, which helps break down toxins and increase nutrient absorption. (Note that most mass-produced supermarket varieties of fermented foods don’t use traditional fermenting methods and therefore don’t have the same benefits. Look for smaller specialty brands, or try making it yourself.) 

Boost your skin benefits by using a daily topical vitamin C serum. Pure C + E is a vitamin C + E therapy that promotes even tone and smooth texture. The brightening and firming formula also includes lactic acid for gentle exfoliation and niacinamide, which suppresses melanin synthesis, reduces inflammation, and bolsters the skin barrier. Make this lightweight serum a staple of your skin care routine to help brighten and balance skin tone, reverse discoloration, reduce fine lines, and power up your collagen production.

Vitamin C is unstable, meaning it oxidizes when exposed to light. Rather than add preservatives to extend the shelf life (which would reduce potency), we package Pure C + E in a brown bottle to protect against oxidation, and use pure actives to ensure a more potent product and superior results. Pure C + E should be used within three months of opening. Refrigerating it can extend the shelf life by a few weeks. For best results, vitamin C serums should be applied daily to keep a continual reservoir of vitamin C in the skin.

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