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Winter Skin Hygge For Hands And Feet


Hygge (pronounced hue-guh) is a Danish word used to describe a feeling or moment of cozy comfort, warmth and well-being. (If you’ve never heard of it, you probably also missed the Norwegian slow TV trend of 2016, both worth looking into.) Snuggling up in front of a roaring fire with a cup of cocoa and a good book is very hygge. Keeping winter skin supple, smooth, and soothed? Totally hygge as far as we’re concerned. 

In the dry, dead of winter, your hands and feet, not to mention elbows, knees, and other extremities, could use a little soothing. Here are our most hygge tips for winter skin comfort for those forgotten heroes, hands and feet.


Give Your Hands A Facial

Ultra gentle Cleansing Milk is the liquid equivalent of a soft and cozy cashmere throw and it works just as well on your hands as it does on your face. Use it in place of your harsh hand soaps to bring soft and supple back. Mix a little Buffing Grains with it for a luxfoliating scrub to clear away dry, dead skin cells and promote healthy new cell growth. To make the hand facial complete, follow the cleansing and exfoliating with a soothing, rejuvenating mask. (See next tip!)


Mask Everything

Who says masks are just for your face. Vivant’s Algae Soft Mask can go anywhere you want to clarify, hydrate, and revive dull skin. Put it on the backs of your hands, on knees, elbows, feet, and if you’re feeling cheeky, your bum.


Find Comfort In Comfrey

The comfrey root has been used to heal skin injuries for centuries. Today’s formulas use allantoin, a compound derived from the therapeutic comfrey plant. To soften, repair, and protect chapped, dry, winter hands, we repurpose one of our favorite facial moisturizers Allantoin Hydrating & Sedating Lotion. The non-greasy, lightweight formula is a heavyweight when it comes to hydration and healing.  And it’s probably already on your bathroom counter.


Heal Your Heels

Use Clear Body Therapy with lactic acid, vitamin A, and grape seed oil to get rid of alligator patches on your heels, knees, and elbows. It’s our most potent formula for the toughest skin. Cracked, calloused, rough skin virtually dissolves away leaving smooth, soft skin in its place. 

Also great for clearing back and chest acne, lifting dark spots on hands and body, and clearing keratosis pilaris. This one is strictly for the thicker skin on the body. It’s too much muscle for delicate facial skin.


Butter Up Buttercup

Before bed, slather your feet with intensely hydrating Marine Skin Nourishing Cream and pop on a pair of your coziest, soft as butter socks to keep dry air from pulling moisture from your skin. Wake to silky smooth feet that feel like you just got a paraffin wax at the spa.  


Turn down the heat

Hot showers are oh so relaxing, especially during the cold winter months, but the excess heat is stripping your skin of natural oils. Try turning the tap down a bit to very warm instead of hot. And moisturize everywhere, including hands and feet, as soon as you get out. Moist skin will absorb nourishing hydration better than dry.


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