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Here’s Your No-Problem Guide To Rocking The No-Makeup Look.

Here’s Your No-Problem Guide To Rocking The No-Makeup Look.

Everywhere you look, from the runway at this year’s Fall Fashion Week to the judges’ chairs on “The Voice” (beautiful Alicia Keyes), the no-makeup look is setting the tone and stealing the show. If all this glowing, fresh-faced beauty has you thinking about a break-up with makeup, we’re here to help. Because, though it may look effortless, you’ll find that doing less, requires a bit more than meets the eye. Here are five essentials needed to successfully rock the natural look. 


1. A Stellar Skin Care System

If you want to step away from foundation, you’re going to have to step up your skin care regimen. A good cleanser, toner, corrector and moisturizer are essential to achieving that beautiful, natural glow. Vivant’s synergistic four-step Skin Fitness System is a beauty Super PAC of the key elements required for clear, healthy, radiant skin. The mandelic acid-based system relies on the dramatically different alpha hydroxy acid derived from almonds. Mandelic acid targets the three main concerns: acne, aging and uneven skin tone. An antioxidant, anti-microbial, pro-brightening agent, mandelic acid promotes clearer, smoother, firmer, more even skin tone and texture. Check out the system here for more product specifics.


2. A Pinch-Hitting Concealer or Highlighter

Going natural doesn’t necessarily mean going naked. You may, for instance, have hereditary dark circles that no amount of sleep or eye cream will erase. Or you may want a little contouring here and there to enhance your features. A little strategically placed concealer or highlighter can give you the coverage or contour you need while maintaining a natural appearance. Look for non-comedogenic, paraben-free formulas, and opt for something with built-in SPF.


3. A Light, Oil Absorbing Powder

The trick to avoid going from glowing to greasy as the day wears on, is a little dusting of powder. It absorbs oil and makes skin look finished without looking made-up. If you have normal or dry skin, you may opt to skip this one, but if your skin is on the shiny side, a little dusting on your hot spots will keep you looking fresh and unfussed all day. We recommend a light, translucent mineral powder. You don’t need color here, just a light, fine texture.


4. Great Eyebrows

If you’re a regular reader, you know we’ve been talking about this a lot lately, but it bears repeating. Thick, healthy brows are like great window treatments. They add drama and definition, and when properly hung, don’t block the light. Over-plucked brows, like drab drapes, bring the whole room down. So if you’re guilty of over-plucking, stop and give your brows a chance to recover. To help in your brow recovery and to brighten up the whole windows-to-the-soul area, we recommend Wink Eye Rejuvenation Cream with vitamin A, peptides, caffeine and naturally brightening kojic acid to stimulate brow growth and lift, firm and brighten the entire eye area.


5. Some Luscious Lips

To cap your ultra fresh, ultra radiant new look, you’ll want your lips to look their bisou best. Vivant’s MaxiLip Lip Plumper has collagen-boosting peptides to plump and fill, along with oxygenating ingredients to increase blood flow and promote a natural, rosy hue. Full, smooth, soft and perfectly defined lips are the must-have feature for the season’s most-wanted look. 

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