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Mandelic Acid and Pregnancy Skincare: 5 Insider Tips for Glowing Skin


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Working for a skincare company has its advantages. When Anika Batista, one of Vivant's marketing mavens, wanted to make sure she was using the best products for herself and her baby during pregnancy, she had a lot of knowledge to guide her. For those who don't work with a staff of skincare experts, the dos and don'ts of pregnancy skincare can be tougher to navigate.


Born and raised in Cuba, Anika moved to Miami, where she started working in the marketing department at Vivant. Three years ago, she relocated to New York. Anika continued her marketing role, working from the apartment she shares with her husband, baby Lucas, dog Duchamp, and caique Lolo.


With Lucas just a few months past his first birthday, we asked Anika to share her insights into pre and postnatal skincare.


What were your skin concerns before pregnancy?

Maintenance and prevention. I was using Derm-A-Gel to stay out ahead of fine lines and deal with the occasional pimple. My cleansing routine alternated between Green Tea Antioxidant Cleanser and Mandelic Acid Exfoliating Cleanser. I also alternated my toner—Skin Nourishing Toner and Normalizing Tonic. I love the effects of the glycolic acid in Normalizing Tonic, but my skin is too sensitive to use it every day.


How did your skin change during pregnancy?

Since my usual routine contained ingredients not recommended during pregnancy, I had to cut out some of my favorite products. During the first few weeks, I used only the cleansers and the Skin Nourishing Toner. By the end of my third trimester, the skin on my chin had become drier and irritated. Some red patches and a few breakouts appeared. I knew I had to bump my regimen. Susan (Vivant CEO) recommended I start using mandelic acid-based products for their antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and brightening properties. I saw an improvement within days.


What specific changes did you make to your regimen?

Retinoid was out of the window, as well as BP 10% Gel Medication, which I used now and then on my back. I switched to all mandelic acid products. My current regimen consists of Mandelic Acid Exfoliating Cleanser (AM & PM), 3% Mandelic Acid Toner (AM & PM), 8% Mandelic Acid Serum (PM), Allantoin Sedating & Hydrating Lotion (PM), Day Treatment Lotion SPF 15, and Rejuv Rx most nights. 


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Does breastfeeding continue to impact your regimen choices?  

Oh yes! I haven't gone back to my old regimen, which was more advanced. I miss the regenerative benefits of a retinoid. 


Did you have a belly skincare regimen during pregnancy?

I was in my third trimester during winter, so my belly was at its biggest when the air was driest. I used Marine Skin Nourishment Cream on my belly every night to hydrate (breasts too). It also helped with the itchiness caused by the stretching. And I didn't get stretch marks!


Does the environment in NYC create any unique challenges to maintaining healthy skin?

Definitely. Moisture is the main challenge during wintertime because of the heated air. I switch to Marine Nourishing Cream at night and apply Allantoin under Day Treatment Lotion SPF 15 during the day. Recovery Ointment on my lips before bed. 


Which of your pre-pregnancy products have you missed most?

Derm-A-Gel! Also, I had started using Normalizing Toner a few months before I got pregnant, and I was really liking how smooth it made my skin, so I'm looking forward to bringing that back to my regimen.  


What's your favorite way to spend time with baby Lucas?

He loves books, so reading to him is a favorite pastime. But mainly, doing anything that makes him laugh. That sound is magical.


What skincare advice do you have for moms-to-be?

Self-care! Those few minutes you spend taking care of YOU have a great impact on both your skin and your mood. 


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